Below is a list of the current public notices that we have published.

Week commencing 6 July 2020

Planning Applications - Replacement of windows and to remove existing garage and replace with double garage, construct an oak framed and glazed garden room at the rear of the proposed garage at 3 Villas Road Carr Vale Bolsover Chesterfield.

Planning Application - Creation of a 2.5 metre wide and X m long Multi-user trail linking Elmton Road with the footpath leading to the Frithwood trail, involving a change of use from green space to Multi-User trail on the strip of land to the front of 65 To 135 Model Village, Creswell.


Week commencing 29 June 2020


Planning Applications - Proposed development at Garage Site to the Rear of 3 to 17 the Croft South Normanton 19/00353/OTHER. Proposed development at Garage Block Church Close Westhouses 19/00401/OTHER. Proposed development at Garage Site to the East of 20 Woodfield Road Pinxton 19/00404/OTHER. Proposed development at Garage Block Springfield Close Clowne 20/00147/OTHER. Proposed development at North Garage Block Damsbrook Drive Clowne 20/00148/OTHER. Proposed development at South Garage Block Damsbrook Drive Clowne 20/00149/OTHER

Planning Application - 20/00208/FUL - Detached two storey dwelling at land adjacent 1 Park Street Barlborough.

Development Order - Proposed development at Garage Block Duchess Street Creswell.



Week commencing 22 June 2020

Inspection of Accounts 2019/20

Planning Applications - 20/00227/FUL - Erection of two dwellings (re-design of plots 7 & 8 of 17/00303/FUL and 18/00290/FUL) at Car Park To The Rear Of The Church Hall Rectory Road Clowne and 20/00228/FUL - Two storey extension to side and single storey extension to rear at 19 Green Close Newton Alfreton DE55 5TJ.


Week commencing 15 June 2020

Application No: 19/00005/REM
Application Type: Application for Reserved Matters
Proposal: Approval of Reserved Matters application for details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale in relation to the development of 238 homes, open space and associated infrastructure, along with discharge of conditions 6 (Phasing Programme), 8 (Framework Travel Plan), 11 (Highway Surface Water Disposal), 15 (Maintenance/Management of public areas) and 16 (hedgerow retention/creation) of the outline planning permission ref. 14/00080/OUTEA in respect of the areas of the site included in this application.
Location: Land Between Welbeck Road And Oxcroft Lane Bolsover
Applicant: Persimmon Homes & Strata Homes


Week commencing 8 June 2020

Application No: 20/00210/FUL
Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Proposal: Upgrades to both the surface and the width of the existing Barlborough FP16 to create a continuous 2.5 wide path from its Southern junction with Slayley Lane, to its northern junction with Barlborough FP19. To Include the addition of a new 2.5m wide ramped path from its northern end to join with the new Toucan crossing on Oxcroft Way (opposite Ash Close) .  These Improvements will be undertaken to improve the existing surface to improve the walking and cycling links between Barlborough and the new Clowne Branch Line Greenway (Permissive use for cycling will be granted by the landowner)
Location: Oxcroft Way Barlborough


Week commencing 1 June 2020

Application No: 20/00202/FUL
Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Proposal: Installation of an energy storage system with a total capacity of 49.9MW and associated infrastructure, including landscaping and creation of a vehicular access.
Location: Land North East Of Newton Wood Farm, Newtonwood Lane, Newton


Application No: 20/00203/LBC
Application Type: Listed Building Consent
Proposal: Replacement of Windows and Doors
Location: Steetley Farm House, Steetley Lane, Steetley, Worksop


Week Commencing 25th May 2020

Application No: 20/00190/FUL
Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Proposal: Alteration of previously approved planning permission 18/00320/FUL, plots 3 & 4 to 2 storey duplex units
Location: 5 Hangar Hill Whitwell Worksop S80 4QR


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