£37k for local groups and organisations

Community groups and organisations across Bolsover District could benefit from a new grant scheme approved by us.

Each of our 37 councillors will receive £1,000 to support local groups, services and activities within their ward. It will be at the councillor’s discretion as to who they award the money to, and it can be split into smaller grants or provided as one large grant to an organisation in their area.

During 2022/2023, a one-off budget for £37,000 was agreed and after monitoring the grants that were awarded and the impact it has had upon local communities, we agreed to provide this funding on an annual basis.

In 2022/23, councillors awarded 111 separate grants that supported groups and their activities such as providing equipment, covering transport costs, community events, youth activities and warm spaces/meals.

Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “We have seen the positive impact and benefit grants like this have on our communities, that’s why we have agreed to continue with them.

“The past few years have been extremely difficult for a number of organisations and groups and even though they are not huge sums of money, small grants like this can have a massive impact and help an organisation provide so much joy and value to their local community.”

If you are a small group organisation in Bolsover District that provides a service or activity benefitting residents of the District, then please contact your local councillor (opens in a new window) to see if you can apply for a grant.


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