Bin collection satisfaction levels increasing

There are two things you can guarantee people in the UK will moan about and that is the weather and their bins!

But here in Bolsover District, that is not really true. Yes, we moan about the weather, but the latest satisfaction figures from a recent Citizens Panel survey showed that 92% of those surveyed are actually satisfied with our bin collection service.

In fact, the latest LGA UK resident satisfaction survey for waste collection was 81%, some 11% lower than Bolsover District’s.

We operate a three bin service. A burgundy bin for recyclable waste, a green bin for garden and food waste and a black bin for household waste. On a usual day there are 12 wagons and 36 refuse operatives at work and we collect over 2.4million bins every year.

And since we took over the management and collection of the burgundy bin scheme after the contractor went into administration in 2021, satisfaction levels with the service have increased considerably.

With comments such as ‘less items falling from the lorry and blowing around the street’, ‘earlier and more friendly’ and ‘better staff and no broken glass on the road’.

We are always looking to improve the service through recycling new waste streams, reducing the amount sent to landfill or finding more efficient ways to deliver the service, which could be changing the bin routes or introducing weekly food waste collections to meet government requirements.

View an interview with Director of Services, Steve Brunt on Bolsover TV (opens in a new window) about the bin satisfaction levels.


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