What can I put in my burgundy bin

Please remember to place your recycling in your bin loose. You must only put the items listed below in your burgundy bin. Lots of items may say that they are recyclable on the packaging but this does not necessarily mean we accept them in the burgundy bin.

Extra recycling that won't fit in your burgundy bin can be presented in a cardboard box/clear bag at the side of the burgundy bin on collection day. Large flattened cardboard boxes may also be placed at the side of your burgundy bin but please make sure all boxes are empty and free of plastic film and polystyrene packaging.

Please DO NOT put any of your recycling into any plastic bags, unless it is the bag containing just your plastic wrappings as listed below.

Empty clean plastic bottles - pop/water, milk cartons, salad cream/ketchup, shampoo/body wash, washing up liquid, fabric conditioner, bleach/toilet cleaner, kitchen/bathroom sprays. There is no need to remove any labels.

Empty clean food trays - microwave meal trays/meat trays (ALL colours), cake/biscuit trays

Empty clean containers - butter/margarine tubs, roses/quality street type tubs, yoghurt pots, plastic ice cream tubs, washing machine pod tubs

Empty clean food tins - baked beans, soup, tuna etc, metal biscuit tins. There is no need to remove any labels.

Glass bottles/glass food jars - wine/beer/spirits bottles, baby food jars, coffee/jam/sauce/pickled onion jars etc including lids. Please note no other glass items are allowed.

Drinks cans - pop/beer cans.

Empty aerosol cans - deodorant, furniture polish, hairsprays, air fresheners.

Cardboard/brown paper envelopes/brown paper - squash or flatten cardboard to save room in your bin.

Large cardboard boxes - please remove all packaging, plastic wrappings, polystyrene and leave the flattened box/boxes at the side or behind the burgundy bin on collection day.

Waxed food containers  - pure orange/apple juice etc.

Clean foil/foil food trays




Telephone directories


Writing paper

Junk mail


Loose shredded paper

Soft plastic wrappings/film - crisp packets, chocolate/sweet bags and wrappings, plastic bags, parcel bags, bubble wrap, cling film, bread bags, food bags, oven chips/garden peas bags etc, toilet roll/kitchen roll wrappings, microwave meal/meat tray film, wipes packets, cereal bags and plastic food packets.  Please place all the above plastic wrappings in clear plastic bag/plastic bag to keep them all together, once the bag is full tie it up and place this inside your burgundy bin with all your other recycling

Small household batteries - place all small batteries into a sandwich bag/clear bag, tied up and place this on top of your burgundy bin lid. Please DO NOT tie the bag to your bin handle.

Please do NOT put any of these in burgundy bin

Food waste - this should be placed in your green bin.

Polystyrene/polystyrene chip trays

Glass  - window glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, picture frame glass, pyrex, nail varnish, perfume/aftershave, light bulbs.

Baking trays, pans, ceramics, cups, mugs, plates, vases, kitchen utensils, paint tins/tubs

Tissues, kitchen roll, make-up/baby wipes, cotton wool, disposable razors

Plant pots, plant trays, plant containers, storage tubs, buckets, kitchen bins, washing up bowls, washing baskets, plastic jugs, toys, coat hangers

Dirty greasy pizza boxes  - please tear off any clean cardboard and place the clean cardboard into your burgundy bin.

Wrapping paper, greetings cards, gift bags, Christmas crackers, balloons

Toothpaste tubes, tablet blister packs/strips

Pringles type crisp tubes

McDonald's/KFC waste, take away coffee cups, coffee pods, tea bags

Nappies, ALL animal waste, timber/wood, wallpaper, hoover dust/fluff

All the above items must be placed into your black/grey household waste bin

Electrical items - kettles, toasters, radios, hair dryers, shavers, cables/wires etc. Please take these to your nearest Household Recycling Centre

If you need any further information or advice please contact us on 01246 242424 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 01246 242424
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