Maintaining an application

As your priority for housing is based on an assessment of your current housing situation it is very important that you tell us of any changes in your circumstances or address, a delay in updating your information could affect your chances of being housed.

Applicants are required to inform the Council in writing or by updating the portal of any material change in their circumstances that may affect their priority for housing, proofs will need to be provided for the assessment to take place.

Examples of a change in circumstances include but are not limited to:

  1. a change of address or contact details, for either themselves or members of their household.
  2. a change in their medical condition or disability (either existing or newly acquired)
  3. additional family members or other people they wish to add to their application (It will be for the Council to decide whether they will allow additional people to join the application)
  4. any family member or any other person on the application who has left their household; and/or e) any significant changes in income, savings, or assets, that may require a reassessment under the income and savings qualification rule.

Your application may be suspended while the Council assesses the information provided and completes further enquiries that may be necessary. Where a change in circumstances results in a change to your banding, you will be informed in writing.

You can inform us of the changes at any time via the dedicated Housing Applicant Change of Circumstances form on the Self Service section of our website.


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