Council launches ‘The Future’ plan

We have officially launched our Council Plan - The Future 2024-2028  setting out our key priorities through to 2028.

The Council Plan includes four main aims – Customers, Economy, Environment and Housing – and aims to build resilient and empowered communities and maximise local aspirations.

One of the key objectives throughout the plan is to maximise the influence and opportunities that the newly created East Midlands Combined County Authority can offer to the area. With potential funding available, the plan highlights the need to have projects ready that will improve the district and provide opportunities that benefit the area.

Chief Executive, Karen Hanson said, “At a time when many local authorities are struggling to deliver services with limited budgets, our continued good financial management means we can continue to deliver top quality services and high-level projects such as council house building, developing our town centres and investing in leisure and culture, all for the benefit of our residents, businesses and visitors.

“This plan responds to issues like housing and homelessness, nurturing our natural environment and helping young people meet their potential. It will help us meet our sustainability targets, including our commitment to achieving net-zero carbon status by 2050 and increasing our recycling and composting rates.”

Commitments highlighted in the plan include improving the customer experience and removing barriers to accessing information and services; actively working with partners to support enterprise, innovation, jobs, and skills; increasing recycling; and building more, good quality, affordable housing, and being a decent landlord.

Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “We have big ambitions, which are set out in this Council Plan, because we want the very best for all of Bolsover District residents. We want the district to be the best it can be and where people can enjoy growing up, learn new skills, get a highly skilled, well paid job and live long and happy lives. Our Council Plan sets out to achieve this and deliver on our other key strategic priorities.

“In February 2024, a report stated that we were the sixth hardest hit authority for the reduction in our revenue support grant. But, despite this, we continue to manage our finances well, consistently improve our services and continue to deliver on our ambitions.”


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