Welfare adaptations

We provide a comprehensive aids and adaptations service which is invaluable in enabling us to help our elderly and disabled tenants to continue living independently in their own home. All initial applications for adaptations should be directed through Call Derbyshire, who will ensure your enquiry is directed to the Disability Team for assessment.

Aids and adaptations we commonly fit in the homes of elderly and disabled tenants include:

  • Grab rails
  • Half steps
  • Outdoor handrails
  • Stair lifts
  • Over bath showers
  • Stair rails
  • Wet rooms
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Lever handled taps
  • Solid fuel heating to gas

There is a high demand for adaptations to our properties and once your referral is received you will go on a waiting list for the works, we will contact you once the adaptations have been ordered.

Welfare Adaptations Policy

Bolsover District Council has approximately 5000 properties and is committed to providing suitable housing to meet the needs of its residents. Housing adaptations can play an important role in allowing people to live independently in comfort and safety in their own home.

The Welfare Adaptations Policy (“the Policy”) provides a framework for the provision of adaptations to the homes of tenants living in council accommodation. This could be in their current home or rehousing to suitable accommodation that may already be adapted and would meet their housing need.

The Council has a well-established working practice and internal procedure it follows when considering and carrying out adaptations. It is considered best practice to have a policy which sets out formally what an adaption is, how these are considered and circumstances when these may be refused.

The Policy provides definitions of adaptations. Minor adaptations are simple, cost effective solutions to assist a person to live independently. Examples include grab rails, small external handrails and over bath showers. These are generally, lower in value.

Major adaptations generally require structural changes to a property, for example, replacing a bath with a level access shower or wet room, hard-standing/drive ways and stair lifts.

The Policy sets out who can apply and the procedure that is followed when considering requests. To be eligible for an adaptation the tenant or a member of the tenant’s household must be an occupant of a BDC property using this as their permanent or principal home.

There may be requests where it is not considered reasonable for an adaptation to be approved. Examples of cases are provided at 4.9 of the Policy, the list is not exhaustive and each case will be assessed on its own merit but this is useful guidance and helps to ensure consistency.

The Council sets a budget on an annual basis to carry out adaptations for the financial year, therefore adaptation works are subject to the availability of funding. Where a significant adaptation is required, for example over £30,000, the case will be referred to the Housing Stock Management Group to determine if the adaptation is a viable option or alternative accommodation to suit the applicants need would be more practical, this is set out at 4.14 of the Policy.

The Policy will allow for a consistent and common approach to the management of adaptations delivered by the Council. The Policy has been developed in conjunction with the Customer Services Scrutiny Committee.


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