Council Plan

The Council Plan - The Future 2024-2028 describes the key role we play in supporting the district, through the provision and delivery of key services that are essential to everyday life. The plan also outlines our four big ambitions for the upcoming year, that will create opportunities for everyone within the district.

We are responsible for providing more services that support and improve the lives of residents, businesses, and visitors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maximise our influence and opportunities within the East Midlands Combined County Authority to drive the continued delivery of excellent services, maximise local aspirations and drive economic prosperity for Bolsover District.


We are proud of Bolsover District. And we want to create a future where our children can grow up and thrive, where there is good quality, highly paid jobs available, where there is cultural and social activities to enjoy, where urban meets rural and the built environment complements the natural environment.

To do this we have developed four main aims:

  1. Customers - providing excellent and accessible services
  2. Economy - drive growth, promote the district and be business and visitor friendly
  3. Environment - protect the quality of life for residents and businesses, meet environmental challenges and enhance biodiversity
  4. Housing - deliver social and private sector housing growth

In developing this plan, we have worked with elected members, residents and staff to shape and focus our priorities for the next four years. 

Priorities that focus on not only improving our services, but developing our communities, enhancing our environment and delivering growth for both the business and visitor economy.

This plan cannot possibly cover every service we provide or every ambition we want to achieve. Instead, it tells you how we will work, what we will focus on and what our priorities are.



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