We believe good consultation leads to better decision-making and we encourage as many people as possible to get involved to ensure that the decisions we make reflect the views of our communities.

You can have your say on issues in Bolsover District by visiting Ask Derbyshire or by joining our Citizens’ Panel. Ask Derbyshire is a consultation website which has information on all our current, forthcoming and past consultations.

Find out the latest news by visiting our Bolsover TV channel, reading our InTouch magazine or our latest news section.

Tenancy agreement consultation

We are proposing to change our tenancy agreement, to bring it up to date with legislation and make it much clearer for tenants to read and understand. The tenancy agreement sets out the contractual relationship between the council as landlord, and the tenant. The existing tenancy is over 15 years old.

The new tenancy agreement is a substantial rewrite of our tenancy agreement, setting it out more clearly and logically for tenants. It protects the tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment of their homes, and at the same time both the rights and obligations of the Council as a landlord, and the tenants.

There will be an eight-week period of consultation between 28 February and 29 April 2022. We would encourage tenants to read the prospered new tenancy agreement, and the summary of changes document and then complete the questionnaire so we can consider their views before any formal changes are made.

Paper version of the same questionnaire are available in the contact centres, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your comments with ‘Tenancy Agreement’ in the subject field.

Your opinion is important to us and we would encourage you to provide your comments. Below is a list of the documents that each tenant will receive (w/c 28 February 2022), together with a link to the questionnaire.

Citizens' panel

Are you interested in becoming part of our Citizens’ panel? Residents of Bolsover District regularly share their views and opinions on a wide range of important local issues. This helps the Council to improve services and make the District an even better place to live.

If you would like to join the collective voice then please complete the registration form. Panel members receive questionnaires each year which take, on average, 10 minutes each to complete. The questionnaires can be filled in on-line or sent and returned via Freepost. The Panel receives feedback on any issues we have asked about in a newsletter provided with every new survey. Our latest Viewpoint newsletter November 2021 contains information on domestic waste collection, council services during Covid-19 lockdown and the local area and services you receive.

To join, you need to be a resident of the District, aged over 16 and willing to take part in several surveys each year. You will need to provide some personal data upon joining. This is used solely to administer the panel and our Privacy Notice explains what we do with your information, how long we keep it and your right to withdraw your consent and leave the Panel at any time you choose.


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