If you are homeless now, or are threatened with being made homeless we can provide help and assistance.  This can be done in person, by telephoning 01246 242424  or by emailing the Housing Needs Officers at your local Contact Centre.

You will be interviewed by an experienced officer who will conduct an initial assessment of your housing needs. This officer will be your point of contact throughout your application and will work with you and other agencies to try and resolve your housing situation. 

We may also be able to help with problems such as  Harassment and Illegal Eviction or Domestic Abuse  and can put you in touch with other agencies that offer support and advice.

The Housing Needs team can also help people who are sleeping rough during the freezing weather.

Under normal circumstances the council has to assess if a person is deemed to be homeless under set criteria – but this is suspended when temperatures fall below zero for three consecutive nights and the council can offer emergency shelter, for help telephone 01246 242424 or contact the Out of Hours Service (below) if the Council is closed.

For more information on sleeping rough please visit the Streetlink website. 


Out Of Hours Service 

P3 is the Out of Hours service for homeless households in Derbyshire, if you require assistance when the Council is closed you can contact this team on: 0808 169 2333.


Duty to Refer

The duty to refer requires public authorities in England to notify a local housing authority, such as Bolsover District Council, of service users they think may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Charitable and voluntary groups are also welcome to refer such cases to us.

Please complete the online form below to notify us of such cases, so we can provide the appropriate support to the household. If you wish to refer someone to us, you must get their permission first. You can use the referral form here: Duty to refer.


Additional information

Bolsover Homelessness Strategy 2022-2027 (pdf document)



 01246 242424
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