Money Advice

Basic bank accounts

Basic bank accounts are aimed at giving access to banking facilities.  They are a basic, no frills account and are available from all major banks.

If you don’t currently have a bank account or, if you are not able to get a standard current account, you should look into basic bank accounts as an option.  For further information please view the attached PDF and visit the Money Advice Service website.

Mortgage Difficulties

Anyone can get into mortgage difficulties, and it can happen for many reasons, for example:

  • Unemployment
  • Illness
  • An increase in mortgage rates
  • Family breakdown/Separation
  • The arrival of a new baby
  • The loss of overtime - and several others. 

If you start to get into mortgage arrears do not panic; but do recognise that it will not just go away, and you need to take action as soon as possible by contacting the lender, Citizens Advice Bureau or the Law Centre. If you live in the District of North East Derbyshire and have a problem paying your mortgage and you want to talk to someone about how to prevent losing your home, you can Contact the Housing Options team or the following organisations; 

NE Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau  telephone 0300 4568437   

Derbyshire Law Centre  telephone: 01246 550674 or Freephone 0800 7076990   

Don't get bitten by a loan shark!

Loan sharks are illegal moneylenders. If you have financial problems do not borrow from a loan shark. You can get free financial advice in confidence from North Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau and Derbyshire Law Centre.  They can help you re-organise your debts and contact your creditors to make reasonable offers that you can afford.

For more information visit the Stop Loan Sharks website or to report a loan shark you can telephone: 0300 555 2222.

Alternatively you can contact your local Public Protection Project Team, telephone: 01332 644 000.

These agencies will help you for free and will be in strict confidence.

Loan sharks will take your money over and over again!


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