Business Grants

Further to the Government’s announcement on Tuesday 21 December 2021, additional support is being made available for certain businesses.

A new grant scheme is being introduced to support businesses that are experiencing difficulties because of the Omicron variant, and the dual impact of staff absences and lower consumer demand.

Hospitality (defined as accommodation, food and beverage services) and leisure premises will benefit from targeted grant support. The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) will also be ‘topped up’ so local authorities (LAs) can continue to use their discretion to support other businesses in their area, based on local economic need.

Hospitality and Leisure Grant

On 21 December 2021, the Government announced further financial support for hospitality, leisure and accommodation businesses in England, in recognition that the rise of the Omicron variant means that some businesses are likely to struggle over the coming weeks.

The support will be a one-off grant, available to eligible businesses on the Valuation Office Agency rating list as at 30th December 2021 for the financial year 2021-22.

To qualify for this grant, your business must:

  • Occupy a commercial property within the Bolsover District Council area and be trading at that property on 30th December 2021
  • Be registered as liable for Business Rates on 30th December 2021
  • Offer in-person services, where the main service and activity takes place in a fixed rate-paying premises in the hospitality, leisure and accommodation sectors.
  • Hospitality definition: a business whose main function is to provide a venue for the consumption and sale of food and drink.
  • Leisure definition: a business that provides opportunities, experiences and facilities, in particular for culture, recreation, entertainment, celebratory events, days and nights out, betting and gaming
  • Accommodation definition: a business whose main lodging provision is used for holiday, travel and other purposes.

For a list of business types that fall within these definitions, please visit the full guidance here.


  • Businesses that are not within the rating system will not be eligible to receive funding under this scheme.
  • Businesses that have already received grant payments that equal the maximum permitted subsidy allowances will not be eligible to receive funding.
  • Businesses that are in administration, insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made, are not eligible for funding under this scheme.

Grant Awards

The amount of grant payable is dependent on your Rateable Value (RV) as shown in the Valuation List. Your RV is also displayed on your Business Rates bill.

  • RV of £15,000 or under - £2667
  • RV over £15,000 and less than £51,000 - £4000
  • RV of exactly £51,000 or over - £6,000

Subsidy Allowance Information

Subsidy allowance has now replaced State Aid following the end of the transition period and the UK’s exit from the EU. The Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant, Restart Grant and Additional Restrictions Grant schemes are covered by three subsidy allowances:

  • Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance: you’re allowed up to £335,000 (subject to exchange rates) over any period of three years
  • COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance: you’re allowed up to £1,900,000
  • COVID-19 Business Grant Special Allowance: if you have reached your limits under the Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance and COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance, you may be able to access a further allowance of funding under these scheme rules of up to £10,000,000 provided certain conditions are met

Grants under these three allowances can be combined for a potential total allowance of up to £12,235,000 (subject to exchange rates and certain conditions being met). Further details are available in the Subsidy Allowance overview. Alternatively, visit GOV.UK website for the Complying with the UK’s International Obligations on Subsidy Control.

Similar to previous grant schemes that were subject to State Aid regulations, businesses should keep a record of all grants received to date for Subsidy Control purposes. All grants are taxable and should be classed as business income, as per the Government guidelines on all COVID-19 business grants.

Managing the Risk of Fraud and Payments in Error
The Government will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud. Any business caught falsifying their records to gain additional grant money will face prosecution and any funding issued will be recovered, as may any grants paid in error.

Tax Implications
Grant income received by a business is taxable. The Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant will need to be included as income in the tax return of the business. Only businesses that make an overall profit once grant income is included will be subject to tax. Payments made to businesses before 5 April 2022 will fall into the 2021/22 tax year. Unincorporated businesses will be taxed when they receive the grant income.

How to Apply for the Omicron, Hospitality & Leisure Grant
If you believe you may be eligible for the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant, please complete an application form. By accepting the grant payment, you are confirming that the business is eligible for the grant scheme. Therefore, please ensure you read the guidance fully and are satisfied of your eligibility prior to submitting an application.

Using your Personal Information
All personal information provided to us will be held in accordance with the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018, and will only be used for the purpose for which it was given. For information on how we use your personal data including your rights as a data subject please go to our privacy statement. The information that you provide on this application form may be shared with the Government Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The BEIS privacy notice that sets out how BEIS will handle personal data can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Application Closing Date

The closing date for the receipt of applications is Monday 14 February 2022. In accordance with revised Government guidance, all applications must be fully processed by 28 February 2022. Therefore, to ensure all supporting evidence is received and the essential pre-payment checks can be made on each application by this date, we cannot accept applications received after 14 February 2022. Final payments must be made and dispersed to recipients by 31 March 2022. In the event of a query, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively telephone 01246 242490. 


Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) - New round of grants

We have now received confirmation of the final ARG allocation that will be paid to us from Government. It is considerably less than in previous rounds. We will be inviting applications from 10am on Friday 21 January 2022 – Please note this date as we may not get the chance to contact you before the scheme is launched.

The Application Form and ARG round three guidance notes are available to view. This round of ARG is open to all businesses, including those who pay, or have small business rates relief, for Business Rates. Please take the time to read the guidance note prior to commencing your application. It is important that you read the guidance note carefully and thoroughly to ensure you meet all the criteria.

Priority will be given to applications from those businesses who have received no financial support, and those in the sectors identified by central Government:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Accommodation
  3. Leisure
  4. Personal care
  5. The travel and tourism sector (group travel, travel agents, tour operators)
  6. Coach operators
  7. Wedding industries
  8. Nightclubs
  9. Theatres
  10. Events industries
  11. Wholesalers
  12. English language schools
  13. Breweries
  14. Freelance and mobile businesses (including caterers, events, hair, beauty, and wedding related businesses)
  15. Gyms, and
  16. any business who has not received previous grant funding through any previous COVID recovery grant scheme.

For the new application form, you will be required to provide

  • bank statements for the period 1 October 2021 to 21 January 2022 inclusive, and a copy annotated to evidence business costs/payments,
  • evidence of how your business has been severely impacted by the rise of the Omicron Variant, and continues to be impacted,
  • proof of ID (via photographic means such as passport or driving licence),
  • proof of address within Bolsover District.

If you applied for previous rounds of ARG, the information will need to be sent again. In readiness for the new scheme opening, please ensure you have all your supporting information collated and available to upload and attach to your application form in an accessible format (PDF, JPEG, Word).

The allocation of money is considerably less than in the previous rounds, with increased interest from previously ineligible businesses, so we are inviting applications from 10am on Friday 21 January to 5pm on Monday 24 January 2022. We will be allocating the funding on a first come, first served basis and by priority sector, subject to your application providing us with all the supporting information. Remaining applications will be assessed on order of date/time receipt.

Statutory Sick Pay Rebate scheme (SSPRS)

The government is reintroducing the Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme (SSPRS). This will be a temporary scheme to support employers facing heightened levels of sickness absence due to COVID-19. The SSPRS will refund small and medium-sized employers’ COVID-related SSP costs for up to two weeks per employee. The beneficiaries of the scheme are small and medium-sized employers (i.e. employers with fewer than 250 employees).

Employers will be eligible for the scheme if:

  1. They are UK-based.
  2. They employed fewer than 250 employees as of 30 November 2021.
  3. They had a PAYE payroll system as off 30 November 2021.
  4. They have already paid their employees’ COVID-related SSP.

Employers will be able to claim the costs for up to two weeks of SSP per employee that has to take time off because of COVID-19. This two-week limit will be reset so an employer will be able to claim up to two weeks per employee regardless of whether they have claimed under the previous scheme for that employee.

It is important to note that due to the announcement only being made at 1pm on Tuesday 21 December, there is little detail issued as yet. More guidance will be published shortly. It is unlikely that any financial support will be made available to us before 4 January. We will however be working hard to prepare for the funding being made available to us to ensure we can pass it on to all eligible businesses as soon as we are able. You do not need to do anything at this time, as we will be in touch again in the New Year as and when we know more detail.



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