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  •  14th October 2019
    Active Bolsover District Awards 2019 Open or Close


    Talented athletes, volunteers and clubs from across Bolsover District were honoured for their achievements at our annual Active Bolsover District Awards ceremony.

    Held at Sports Direct HQ in Shirebrook, the event celebrated the active and sporting achievements of individuals and organisations over the past twelve months.Active Bolsover District Award winners 2019

    Amongst the winners was Jessica Holmes from Area 51 Martial Arts Club who has creating a welcoming environment for all ages. They regularly introduce new opportunities for a range of ages and abilities to engage in physical activities.

    The School Sport Organising Crew of the Year went to Glebe Junior School have worked effectively at lunchtimes to deliver activities to all 420 pupils at Glebe, ensuring that all children have a fun and energetic lunchtime on the courts each week. Alongside this, members of the crew have led a Change 4 Life Club on a Friday lunchtime with children who need extra encouragement to participate.

    Council Chairman, Councillor Tom Munro who presented the winners with their awards said, “We truly have a district full of spirited sports people and clubs and my admiration goes out to everyone who continually dedicates their time to their particular sport or organisation.

    “Sports development is a top priority for us and we continue to increase participation by putting on more and more activities and sports sessions to help support our athletes, coaches and clubs as much as we can.”

    The winners and runners-up where as follows:

    • Active Schools of the Year: Town End Junior School and Glebe Junior School
    • Disabled School Sports Leader of the Year: Kane Shelbourne
    • Mini Leaders: Corey Pledge and Blakley Radford Banks
    • Secondary School Sports Leader of the Year: Grace Nussey and the runner up: Reuben Lowe
    • Go! Active Coach of the Year: Jessica Holmes, Area 51
    • Sports Direct. Com Club of the Year: South Normanton Colts FC
    • Primary School Sports Organising Crew: Glebe Junior School
    • Secondary School Sport Organising Committee: Shirebrook Academy
    • Van Dyk’s Hotel Inclusive Project of the Year: Rhubarb Farm
    • Sporting Achievement through Adversity: Alice Smart
    • Personal Best: Travis Senior
    • Primary School Team of the Year: Creswell Junior School Swimming Team
    • Sports Direct.com Team of the Year: Oxcroft Ladies Bowling Team
    • Outstanding Project/Initiative of the Year: Town End Junior School – Feel Good Day and Glebe Junior School – Hobby Horse Club an the runner Up: Tibshelf Infant School – Whole School Sports Activity Day
    • Bolsover District Council Special Recognition: Bolsover District Bowls Development Group; Laura Martin, Monday night netball; Joe Mason, Louise Smalley Walk and Hayden Hudson
    • Adult Recognition of the Year: Melissa Chattaway
    • Primary Sportsperson of the Year: George Cooper and the runner up: Jack Ashmore Slack
    • U14 Sportsman of the Year: Lewes Shorthose and runner up: Jake Else
    • U14 Sportswoman of the Year: Eva Kirkwood and runner up: Isabelle Corbett
    • Young Sportsman of the Year: Charlie Baldwin and runner up: George Wilkinson
    • Young Sportswoman of the Year: Lucy Forrest
    • Bolsover District Council Disabled Sportsperson of the Year: Diana Reddy
    • Bolsover District Council Sportswoman of the Year: Izzie Coakley
    • Bolsover District Council Sportsman of the Year: Ronnie Cowan 
    • Bolsover District Council Change 4 Life: Eric Soar, Dorothy Davies and Clinton Phillips


  •  7th October 2019
    Fund launched to help businesses Open or Close

    We have re-launched our Business Growth Fund to help support business growth and create jobs across the area.

    £200,000 has been allocated and will be split into two schemes that can provide firms with grants of up to £500 (start-up) and £10,000 (business growth) towards project costs.

    The investment will help businesses across Bolsover District and has been specifically designed to support them with grants to help grow their business and create local jobs.

    Cabinet Member for Economic Development Councillor Liz Smyth said, “The majority of our district is made up of small and medium sized businesses, so they are the lifeblood of our economy.

    “We have a great entrepreneurial spirit in the area. People and businesses coming up with great ideas, new innovation and a willingness to succeed, so it’s important that we support them as much as possible.

    “That’s why we have re-launched the Business Growth Fund to allow us to support more businesses so that they can invest, grow and create the good quality well-paid jobs the people of Bolsover District deserve.”

    The funding can be used for a variety of projects that support businesses to:

    • Expand/grow
    • Diversify into new markets / Exporting
    • Relocate to premises within the District
    • Attract new investment
    • Become more carbon efficient
    • Improve productivity
    • Develop the local supply chain

    Applications for the funding are open and businesses should speak to the Council’s Economic Growth team to find out more information on the application process and eligibility criteria on 01246 242512 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  •  24th September 2019
    Business waste - know your responsibility Open or Close

    We are committed to reducing fly tipping and enviro-crime across our district. To help us do this, we want businesses to be able to prove how they dispose of their waste.

    Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, businesses have a legal responsibility to pay for waste generated by your business, and you must keep waste transfer notes for a period of up to two years.

    We are actively out in the District and attending businesses to liaise with them on procedures and to check they are complaint with the law. We may ask the business to produce waste transfer notes to prove that there are proper arrangements in place (an annual contract or individual receipts which describe what was collected and who collected it) for the correct disposal of waste. If a business is unable to produce waste transfer notes it may be liable for a £300 fixed penalty.

    Businesses must always comply with the law and MUST NOT:
    • Take waste home and dispose of it with domestic waste
    • Take it to the domestic/household waste facility (local tip) and dispose of it with household waste
    • Allow an unauthorised person(s) to collect it and dispose of it without providing your business with a waste transfer note.
    • Burn the waste.

    Councillor Nick Clarke, Cabinet member for Environment Impact said, “Businesses need to wake up and realise we will not stand for any non-compliance in our district.

    “Our residents deserve to live in a clean and cared for environment - not one that’s been mindlessly littered due to inconsiderate business owners! There’s no excuse for treating our district like a giant dumping ground.

    “Any business failing to comply with their legal obligations concerning the disposal of waste, can rest assured that Bolsover District Council will actively pursue enforcement action against them”.

    We operate a waste collection service for businesses as well as commercial waste operators. To enquire about our commercial waste collection service or for further information and advice please call 01246 231111.


  •  24th September 2019
    National Customer Service Week Open or Close

    National Customer Service Week 7th – 11th October 2019

    National Customer Service Week recognises and celebrates excellent customer service. You can find out more about the services we offer, by visiting our offices on the dates below.

    South Normanton Contact Centre

    • Wednesday 9th October
      • 10am-3pm - Planning
    • Thursday 10th October
      • 9am–4pm - Housing and Community Safety
    • Friday 11th October
      • 9-11am - Benefits
      • 10am-12noon - Universal Credit drop in sessions with Citizens Advise Bureau
      • 1-4pm - Recycling

    Shirebrook Contact Centre

    • Monday 7th October
      • 9am-2pm - Property Services
      • 2-4pm - NG20
    • Tuesday 8th October
      • 9-11am - Benefits
    • Wednesday 9th October
      • 12-4pm - Recycling
    • Thursday 10th October
      • 10am-3pm - Planning
      • 10am-12noon – Universal Credit drop in sessions with Citizens Advise Bureau
    • Friday 11th October
      • 9am-4pm - Housing and Community Safety
      • 9am-12noon - Equality Officer

    Clowne Contact Centre

    • Monday 7th October
      • 10am-3pm - Planning
    • Tuesday 8thOctober
      • 9am-4pm - Housing and Community Safety
      • 10am-12noon - Universal Credit drop in sessions with Citizens Advise Bureau
    • Wednesday 9th October
      • 9-11am - Benefits
      • 11am-4pm - Property Services
    • Thursday 10th October
      • 9-11am - Benefits
      • 11am-4pm - Recycling
    • Friday 11th October
      • 10am-3pm - Planning
      • 12-3pm - Equality Officer

    Bolsover Contact Centre

    • Monday 7th October
      • 9-11am - Benefits
    • Tuesday 8th October
      • 10am-3pm - Planning
    • Wednesday 9th October
      • 9am-4pm - Housing and Community Safety
      • 10am-12noon - Universal Credit drop in sessions with Citizens Advise Bureau
    • Friday 10th October
      • 9am-12noon - Recycling


  •  23rd September 2019
    How can you prepare your business for Brexit? Open or Close


    How can you prepare your business for Brexit?

    Brexit will have immediate consequences for how businesses trade and operate. We all need to understand, what this means and prepare accordingly.

    The Chamber of Commerce are providing support sessions to businesses who may be affected by different elements of regulation change due to Brexit.

    These sessions are open to all businesses in the Bolsover and North East Derbyshire District. For more information please follow this link or contact the Chamber’s Policy team on 0333 320 0333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    If you can’t attend the sessions above, please use the links below if your business involves the following, as you will need to take action:
    export goods to the EU
    import goods from the EU
    transport goods by road
    export animals or animal products
    export services to the EU

    This is not an exhaustive list, for more information and to get ready for Brexit and check what you need to do, please visit www.gov.uk/brexit


  •  20th September 2019
    Manufacturing Zone Progress Open or Close

     Work has now started on bringing six key development sites across north Derbyshire into use to help regenerate the area and provide a jobs boost.

    In January 2019, the government announced a £220k windfall to local councils across northern Derbyshire to help look at ways to accelerate growth across key manufacturing sites.

    The sites include Clowne North, The Avenue, Coney Green, Egstow Park, Callywhite Lane and the Staveley and Rother regeneration corridor.

    The region has a long and cherished history of manufacturing, something which all the partners involved want to build upon and make it easier for businesses to set up or expand.

    Three key strands had been identified to move the project forward, which consultants have now been appointed to lead on and they will report back their findings in spring 2020:

    • A Mobility Strategy that will look at innovative and sustainable ways of allowing people to get to and from the new jobs to be created on the sites.
    • Look at ways of simplifying planning processes for new developments on the sites.
    • Prepare commercial design guidance to help inform the look and style of new buildings and landscapes.

    Bolsover District Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “Regeneration and development are key to the success of the area, but it’s important that we have the right development in the right place. The design guidance will not only make sure we have this but also make sure we build on our strengths and support existing and new businesses.”

    North East Derbyshire District Council Leader, Councillor Martin Thacker MBE said, “The different strands will help us focus our minds on what is needed to bring it all to fruition. These are exciting times for north Derbyshire and this zone will help us fast-track growth and development in the area.”

    Councillor Tricia Gilby, Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, said: “Coupled with regeneration already happening in Chesterfield, the project will look at key ways we could develop sites in Staveley. We look forward to seeing how the regeneration will benefit our residents and businesses.” 

    Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development County Councillor Tony King, said, “Derbyshire County Council are leading on the mobility strategy looking for new, better and easier ways for people to access the jobs on these sites.”

    D2N2 Chief Executive Sajeeda Rose said,”D2N2 is the spark in the UK’s growth engine. Government is keen for this project to demonstrate lessons learned that can be used here and elsewhere in the country. The Zone will help us drive forward and deliver on our ambitions for growth across northern Derbyshire.”

    The work is being undertaken jointly by Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire County and North East Derbyshire councils along with D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.


  •  11th September 2019
    Dog PSPO Consultation Open or Close

    We are proposing to introduce new powers to tackle the issue of dog fouling and problematic dog behaviour across the District.

    Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are intended to deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a particular geographical area that is detrimental to the local communities' quality of life, by imposing conditions on the use of that area which apply to everyone. They are designed to ensure the law-abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti social behaviour.

    We are consulting on whether there is a need for a Dog Management PSPO across the District which would require, amongst other things that people clean up after their dog immediately, that dogs are excluded from certain areas, such as children's play areas, that there is a limit on the amount of dogs one person may have under their control and that any one in charge of a dog should have the means to pick up any faeces.

    Breaching a PSPO is a criminal offence and enforcement officers can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice if appropriate to do so or recommend commencement of legal proceedings.

    We would invite you to complete a questionnaire via the Ask Derbyshire website.

    The consultation will run until 6 October 2019. It is the intention that the consultation responses will help to finalise the wording of the Dog Management PSPO for us which will be approved and take effect at the end of October.

  •  9th July 2019
    Bolsover District voted best countryside place to live in UK Open or Close


    Bolsover District has been voted the best countryside place to live in the UK according to a survey from LABC Warranty.

    The survey which looked at 400 cities, regions and local authority areas for well-being and satisfaction evaluated three factors of overall wellbeing including life satisfaction, happiness and how worthwhile people felt about the things they do in their life.

    Bolsover District was voted the best countryside place to live in terms of life satisfaction and worthwhile. The findings have revealed that people who live in the countryside not only have higher levels of overall wellbeing but also have a higher life expectancy. Scarcliffe

    Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, "We have been working hard to change people's perceptions of our District for the past few years. In 2011, according the 2011 Census we were voted the Satanic Capital of Britain, but in 2019 we are now the best place to live in the countryside, so it goes to show our hard work and promotion is starting to pay off. We've got loads of independent shops, tourist attractions, friendly locals, good community spirit and rolling countryside, so why wouldn't people want to come and live in our area."

    The survey placed Bolsover District as the second best place to live for overall satisfaction in the UK behind Rushmoor in Hampshire.


  •  4th July 2019
    New Tourism Deal set to boost Peak District and Derbyshire Open or Close

    The Prime Minister today has announced the UK’s first ever Tourism Sector Deal – providing a huge opportunity to boost tourism in the Peak District and Derbyshire. 

    The Peak District and Derbyshire’s valuable tourism industry is worth over £2.15 billion, attracting 40.45 million visitors each year and supporting over 28,000 jobs.

    By 2025 experts predict that there will be an additional 9 million overseas visitors to the UK – and the new Tourism Sector Deal identifies tourism as a leading industry for the Government’s future economic planning.

    The Tourism Sector Deal includes the creation of an independent Tourism Data Hub which will revolutionise the way data is collected – allowing organisations, including SMEs, to better understand activity and product preferences in their area so they can tailor their services as a result.

    It will also support the creation of 30,000 apprenticeships per year, in England, by 2025. A mentoring programme will support 10,000 employees as they enter tourism careers.

    In response to demand for improved infrastructure, the deal also aims to create 130,000 new hotel rooms – with 75% of these outside of London.

    The deal also outlines the government’s ambitions for the UK to become the most accessible destination in Europe for disabled visitors – aiming to increase the number of international disabled visitors by 33%.

    Developed in partnership with the British Tourist Authority and the industry, the sector deal forms part of the Government’s Modern Industrial Strategy supporting growth of the tourism sector.

    By 2025, the Tourism Sector Deal will:

    • More than double the size of the UK’s tourism industry to £268 billion
    • Grow those employed in the sector to 3.8 million
    • Deliver a 1% increase in productivity worth £12 billion
    • Make the UK the most successful destination in Western Europe

    Other commitments in the Tourism Sector Deal include:

    • A sum of £250,000 to improve broadband connectivity in conference centres across the UK for business visitors
    • Pilot of up to five new ‘tourism zones’, bringing businesses and local organisations together to establish a coordinated strategy for growth in their local visitor economy and a reduction in the impact of seasonality
    • Grow the number of Business Events and Conferences, helping to increase off-season visitors

    Jo Dilley, Managing Director of Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire, said: “This tourism sector deal is fantastic news for the Peak District and Derbyshire – highlighting the importance of one of our most valuable industries which is worth £2.15 billion to the local economy.

    “This deal ensures we can continue to compete internationally as a top destination for visitors, driving major economic growth across the area and helping us to make the Peak District and Derbyshire a truly world-class destination.”

    For more information on the Tourism Sector Deal, please visit www.visitbritain.org/tourism-sector-deal 

  •  2nd July 2019
    Public footpath restriction extended to prevent anti-social behaviour Open or Close

     Public footpath restriction extended to prevent anti-social behaviour

    On 29 July 2016 we took steps to restrict public footpath 18 rear of Sookholme Road in Shirebrook as local residents complained people congregated, drank alcohol and caused anti-social behaviour.

    An area of the footpath has now been fenced and gated off to prevent people from using it and causing a nuisance to local residents. An alternative route for pedestrians has been provided along Long Lane and Sookholme Road.

    The order came into force on 29 July 2016 for a period of 3 years.

    After a period of consultation the order has been extended for a further 3 years from 29th July 2019.

    The terms of the order are any person found on the ‘Restricted Area’ without the consent of the Council will be guilty of an offence under Section 67 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 which could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice with a £100 fine or a conviction and fine of up to £1,000.

    PSPO & Footpath 18 map

  •  18th June 2019
    Community mining mosaic brings hidden stories of Clowne to light Open or Close

    An intergenerational group of people have come together at Clowne Parish Church to create a new mosaic as tribute to the mining heritage of Clowne and the surrounding area. Clowne Miners Chapel (inside the church) has not been used for many years.

    Most residents of Clowne have a connection with mining in their families and Rector Bryony Taylor wanted to involve as many local people as possible in the refurbishment of the space to make it a fitting memorial to those who worked in local collieries and who lost their lives in disasters.

    Rector, Rev’d Bryony Taylor said, “We want to return the chapel to the community so that it is a space that provides a welcome, celebrates our mining heritage and offers the opportunity for prayer and reflection.”

    After a successful bid to Tesco Bags of Help and working in partnership with Junction Arts and artist Coralie Turpin, a wide variety of people gathered to share their memories of mining and create a design that can be enjoyed for generations to come. The design includes an image of a miner and a nurse. The nurse was inspired by Iris Pettitt (pictured), a parishioner who was working at the hospital in Worksop when the Creswell Colliery Disaster of 1950 happened, she treated the injured on that terrible day. Around the edge of the mosaic are smaller pictures of people’s hobbies and home life, including a picture of a whippet, a pigeon, a cornet (referencing brass bands) and even a pint of beer!

    These smaller pictures were taken to the housebound of our community so that although not able any longer to visit the church, they could still be part of this special project and make their contribution.

    The project was documented by Chesterfield College photography student, Sophie Marples.

    Rector, Rev’d Bryony Taylor said, “Our mining mosaic has a bible text about miners saying ‘hidden things they bring to light’ – that is what we are also doing with this mosaic – bringing into the light our memories and stories of mining in our district. We hope the images will call to mind people’s own family stories and enable them to pass them to the next generation.”

    The new mosaic is to be revealed in Clowne Parish Church at our Mining Festival on Saturday 22nd June – doors open at 10am, all are welcome to come and celebrate and remember the rich heritage of our district. A special celebration service will be held in church on Sunday 23rd June at 10am.

  •  14th June 2019
    Nominations set to open for Peak District and Derbyshire tourism awards Open or Close

    Businesses that represent the best of the area’s tourism industry are set to be showcased and celebrated in the newly-launched Peak District & Derbyshire Tourism Awards.

    Organised by Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire, the area’s official tourist board, the awards will recognise excellence and outstanding achievement in the Peak District and Derbyshire’s valuable tourism sector, which is worth over £2.15 billion, attracts 40.45 million visitors each year and supports over 28,000 jobs.

    Nominations are open from 17th June to 4th August 2019, with local businesses encouraged to enter in 11 categories that celebrate different aspects of the visitor economy – from amazing visitor attractions and great accommodation providers to traditional pubs and unique experiences.

    Winners from each category will automatically be put forward into the national VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2020, which represent the highest accolades in English tourism.

    Supported by the University of Derby and the European Regional Development Fund, awards include ‘Hotel of the Year’, ‘Self Catering Accommodation of the Year’, ‘Pub of the Year’, ‘Visitor Attraction of the Year’ and ‘Experience of the Year’. Others champion ‘Accessible and Inclusive Tourism’ and ‘Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism’, shining a light on some of the most successful and committed tourism businesses in the area.

    Entries will be judged by a panel of experts in the autumn. Those shortlisted will be informed in November 2019 and the winners will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony in early 2020.

    Jo Dilley, Managing Director of Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire, said:

    “The Peak District & Derbyshire Tourism Awards are a celebration of the visitor economy and the people who work across the area’s tourism sector to make it so successful.

    “We look forward to honouring all the brilliant local businesses who continuously strive for excellence, ensuring visitors have the most rewarding and memorable experiences when they visit the Peak District and Derbyshire.”

    The full list of categories is below:

    • B&B and Guest House of the Year
    • Hotel of the Year
    • Camping, Glamping and Holiday Park of the Year
    • Self Catering Accommodation of the Year
    • Visitor Attraction of the Year
    • Pub of the Year
    • Experience of the Year
    • New Tourism Business of the Year
    • Taste of the Peak District & Derbyshire Award
    • Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Award
    • Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Award

    For more details on the categories and to enter, please go to:


    The Peak District & Derbyshire Tourism Awards are free to enter for current members of Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire. Non-members can enter at a fee of £75 plus VAT per category.

    Applications open at 09:00 on 17th June 2019 and close at 23:59 on 4th August 2019. Entrants must be based in Derbyshire or within the Peak District National Park boundary, and must be part of the visitor economy.

  •  13th June 2019
    Adventure Fest is back Open or Close


    Adventure seekers can experience the great outdoors at the annual Adventure Fest held at Pleasley Vale Outdoor Activity Centre – and it’s all free!

    Mountain biking, climbing, laser quest, KMXing, kayaking, canoeing, orienteering and a whole host of countryside activities will be on offer as we stage our annual Adventure Fest on Sunday 14 July 2019.

    Our Extreme Wheels Roadshow will also be there hosting activities such as BMX biking, skateboarding, BMX sidehacks and slacklining.

    Also making an appearance will be an Extreme Wheels demo rider, who will wow the crowds with some awesome tricks and stunts. The Adventure Fest is free and open to anyone aged 7 years and above.

    Cabinet Member for Leisure, Councillor Mary Dooley said, “This is a fantastic day out, it’s great fun and all the family can do this together while keeping fit and active and, best of all, it’s free!

    “We want to bring the great outdoors and all it has to offer right to your doorstep. So, no matter if you want to abseil off a rock or prefer a gentle paddle on the lake, we have it all.”

    Participants will also have the chance to take part in heritage and countryside activities as well as arts and crafts.

    Activities will run throughout the day starting at 10am and ending at 4pm. Participation is on a first come first served basis and some activities are time slotted, so please turn up early to ensure you can grab a spot on your favourite activity!

    A signed parent consent form for anyone under the age of eighteen is required to participate in the activities, which can be obtained, along with an information pack.

    Councillor Dooley added, “The event is great fun and gives you the chance to try activities that you may never have tried before. So why not round up your friends and family, get yourself down to Pleasley Vale and have a go at what’s on offer.”

    For more information please telephone 01623 812530.


  •  12th June 2019
    Nominations open for 2019 Active Bolsover District Awards Open or Close

    We are on the lookout for stars and unsung heroes of the sporting and physical activity world from the past year.

    Nominations for our 2019 ‘Active Bolsover District Awards’ are now open. Our aim is to showcase the impact physical activity and sport have on local communities and individuals whilst recognising and rewarding the top local sportsmen, women, volunteers and clubs from across Bolsover District.

    We have again teamed up with the Bolsover District School Sport Partnership to recognise the achievements and commitment of schools and young people. The categories are split into three sections – Community, Performance and Schools – and with 33 awards such as Change 4 Life, Active School, Young Sports Leader and Community Club/Group up for grabs, there is sure to be an award for you.

    Cabinet Member for Leisure, Councillor Mary Dooley said, “It never ceases to amaze me at what talented and committed individuals we have across our District.”

    This could be anyone from a top athlete to an individual who has dramatically changed how physically active they are and are seeing the benefits, to a club or team, a school volunteer or a sports leader who deserves to be recognised for their achievements and commitments during the past year (September 2018 - up to August 2019).

    “We have some excellent sports stars and young people in our district and some real stalwarts who basically live, breathe and eat sport so we want to help them celebrate their success, achievements and commitment. So, if you know someone who you think deserves to be recognised, then get in touch with us and nominate them for an award,” added Councillor Dooley.

    The deadline for nominations is 11 September 2019 with the awards ceremony taking place in October.

    Nomination forms can be picked up from our offices, by telephoning 01246 242366 or can be downloaded.

  •  11th June 2019
    Local Plan Inspector sets out main modifications for consultation Open or Close

    We are consulting on the Main Modifications to the Submitted Local Plan for the District that are necessary in the Local Plan Inspector’s judgement to make the Plan legally compliant and sound.

    We finished preparing our new Local Plan in April 2018 and following consultation in May and June, we submitted our Local Plan to the Government in August 2018. Following submission, Inspector Karen Baker DIPTP MA DIPMP MRTPI was appointed by the Secretary of State to carry out the independent Examination of the Local Plan for Bolsover District.

    As part of the Examination, the Inspector held Hearing Sessions between Tuesday 21 January and Wednesday 6 February 2019 with an additional and final session on Tuesday 12 March. Following the hearings, the Inspector has now identified a number of Main Modifications to rectify issues of legal compliance and/or soundness with the Local Plan.

    The Inspector is now inviting representations on the proposed Main Modifications and will take into account any comments received in relation to the supporting documents. Any representation made about the proposed Main Modifications should address the effect on the Plan’s soundness or legal compliance. However, it is not an opportunity to re-state points previously made, to raise new representations to the submitted Local Plan or to seek further changes to the Plan.

    Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “We are pleased to have reached this advanced stage of the Examination and look forward to receiving the Inspector’s concluding report after her consideration of the comments received during this consultation.

    “We have prioritised getting our new Local Plan in place so that we can provide certainty about where growth will take place to our communities, infrastructure providers and the development industry. Once adopted, the Local Plan for Bolsover District will provide a clear blueprint for how our District will grow and develop for the next fifteen years.”

    We have written to all those individuals and organisations who have previously registered for updates on the Local Plan for Bolsover District to notify them of the Inspector’s judgement on the Main Modifications that are necessary to make the Local Plan legally compliant and sound.

    The consultation will run for a six-week period until Monday 22 July 2019. All comments received will be sent to the Inspector for her consideration.

    Copies of the Main Modifications and accompanying documents, including the comment response forms are available to view on our websitee and at the Council’s offices and local libraries. The Main Modifications should be read in conjunction with the Publication Local Plan for Bolsover District (May 2018), which will also be available at the Council offices and libraries.

    Following this stage, the Inspector will submit her report to the Council. There is no set time period for this but practice indicates this can take on average around three-months, although the Inspector will endeavour to submit it as soon as practically possible. Following a period of fact-checking, we will be obliged by the Town and County Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 to publish the Inspector’s Report as soon as reasonable practicable.

    We will then prepare the Local Plan for adoption, implementing the recommendations set out in the Inspector’s Report.

  •  9th May 2019
    Local artisans invited to apply for place in ‘Inspired by the Peak District & Derbyshire marketplace’ at Chatsworth Country Fair Open or Close


    Producers based in Derbyshire are invited to showcase, promote and sell their products and services to a potential audience of around 70,000 people at Chatsworth Country Fair this summer – thanks to an exciting opportunity offered by the area’s official tourist board.

    After a successful launch at last year’s event, Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire (MPDD) is inviting local producers to apply for a place in the Inspired by the Peak District and Derbyshire Marketplace at one of England’s most spectacular annual outdoor celebrations.

    Held at Chatsworth from 30 August – 1 September 2019, Chatsworth Country Fair showcases the best in traditional, British country pursuits, with spectacular showground entertainment, quality trade stands and fun for all the family.

    MPDD is inviting producers based in Derbyshire to register an interest in exhibiting in the Inspired by the Peak District and Derbyshire Marketplace at the event, which will celebrate the fantastic variety of quality products made in the area.

    The opportunity is open to small-to-medium-sized businesses – ranging from food and drink producers* to artists and craftspeople – and is part financially supported by the MPDD-led European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Growing and Developing the Visitor Economy in Derbyshire Project.

    Businesses are asked to register an interest in exhibiting in the Marketplace by highlighting what they have to offer and why they would like to be selected, using the following link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/inspired-by-the-peak-district-derbyshire-marquee-at-chatsworth-country-fair-19-tickets-61157711361

    Applications are open from 31 May - 28 June 2019. Successful applicants will be notified in early July 2019. Stalls provided to successful applicants will be subject to a charge of £100 plus VAT per business.

    Jo Dilley, Managing Director of Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire, said:

    We’re excited to offer this fantastic opportunity to a selection of producers based in Derbyshire, thanks to support from our ERDF project. Chatsworth Country Fair is widely regarded as the biggest and best event of its kind in the country – and offers a fantastic platform to reach a potential audience of thousands of people.

    “Our Inspired by the Peak District & Derbyshire Marketplace provides a great opportunity to showcase your business, no matter how small, and whether you make fine food and drink, artwork or beautiful crafts, we’d like to encourage passionate local producers to apply for a place.”

    The call to apply follows the successful launch of the Inspired by the Peak District and Derbyshire Marketplace at last year’s Chatsworth Country Fair, which saw a variety of local artisans ranging from whisky distillers to wood turners displaying and selling their products to thousands of visitors from across the UK.

    Max Vaughan of White Peak Distillery, Ambergate, exhibited in the Inspired by the Peak District & Derbyshire Marketplace last year. He said:

    “As a local SME, the opportunity to showcase our business and our recently-launched ‘Shining Cliff’ gin at the Marketplace was fantastic, especially as the cost to us to exhibit independently would’ve been prohibitive.

    “As well as the large visitor attendance at Chatsworth Country Fair providing great exposure and an opportunity to sell our products, there is also a diverse range of other local / regional businesses exhibiting, some of which we now have ongoing B2B relationships and marketing collaborations with.”    


    For full details and to request an application pack, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/inspired-by-the-peak-district-derbyshire-marquee-at-chatsworth-country-fair-19-tickets-61157711361

    * Please note: Exhibiting perishable items is not recommended.


  •  8th May 2019
    Successful landlord event returns Open or Close

    We are holding our annual landlord event on 24 May 2019 and I would like to invite you to attend. Similar to previous events, there will be a number of speakers covering a variety of subjects, including; tax information for landlords, HMO licensing and various legislation updates. There will also be an opportunity to network with other landlords and representatives from various organisations, over a free lunch. Please see below for further details:

    Venue: The Tangent Business Hub, Weighbridge Road, Shirebrook, NG20 8RX

    Time: 10:30am – 14:00pm

    Free Lunch and Free Parking on site

     To register a place, please follow the link below:


  •  4th April 2019
    Help Rhubarb Farm gain much needed funding Open or Close

    Help Rhubarb Farm gain much needed funding

    Horticultural social enterprise Rhubarb Farm support some of the most vulnerable people in the community by offering work placements, training and volunteering opportunities to people with long-term issues.

    They have made it to the finals for The People’s Projects and have been featured on ITV’s Calendar.

    They have applied for funding for £33,339 to support their vital work.

    You can help them secure this by voting using this link

    A minute of your time could make a massive difference to this local charity.

    They estimate they need in excess of 5000 votes to win and your support would be so greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance.

    More info about Rhubarb Farm can be found here.

    More info about The People’s Project can be found here.

  •  2nd April 2019
    Barlborough Polling Station change of venue Open or Close

    Barlborough Polling Station change of venue

    Our Returning Officer was informed a few weeks ago that the premises usually used as a Polling Station in Barlborough were not available for the elections on 2nd May 2019. Accordingly alternative premises were sought.

    The Apollo Inn, High St, Barlborough was chosen because it provides DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant premises which are separate from the main rooms in the pub and has a separate entrance for voters. It is common to use the rooms in pubs as Polling Stations and several other Polling Stations in the Bolsover are situated in pubs.

    Our Returning Officer is always looking for suggestions for alternative venues for Polling Stations so if you have a suggestion for future elections please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  •  26th March 2019
    Single Equality Scheme 2019-2023 Open or Close

    The Council has launched its new Single Equality Scheme as part of its statutory duty under the Equality Act 2010.

    We are committed to providing good quality services shaped by an understanding of the needs of different people and ensuring that how we deliver services promotes equality and fairness, and challenges inequality and discrimination in all its forms. We are also committed to ensuring equality as an employer.

    This scheme builds on the achievements of the previous Single Equality Scheme 2015-2019, and sets out actions we will take to continue to deliver improved equality outcomes for everyone.  

    The objectives of our single equality scheme are:

    • Everyone can access our services, facilities and information
    • Decision making and services take into account the needs of residents and communities
    • Discrimination, harassment and hate crime is not tolerated
    • Our workforce and workforce policies, support equality

    Please view a copy of the Council's Single Equality Scheme.

    Please view the outcome document for the Single Equality Scheme 2015-2019

  •  18th March 2019
    Vehicle lift for sale Open or Close


    Sealed bids are invited for the purchase of an omer vehicle lift. See pictures of the lift here.

    The lift is an above ground scissor lift with a lifting capacity of 24000 kgs.

    The purchaser will be responsible for removal and transportation of the lift from its current position at our Riverside Depot by Monday 1st April 2019.

    The lift is offered for sale on a sold as seen basis and the Council accepts no responsibility for any damage or subsequent repair costs incurred during removal or re-installation.

    Anyone wishing to view the lift should contact Tony Foster at Riverside Depot, telephone 01246 593055 to arrange.

    Offers to purchase the lift should be sent in a sealed envelope to arrive no later than 11.00am on Monday 25 March 2019 clearly marked with the words ‘LIFT SEALED BID’ to the following address:

    Mrs Sandy Williams

    Procurement Manager

    Bolsover District Council

    The Arc

    High Street



    S43 4JY

    Please include contact details including telephone number.   The successful bidder will be contacted by 4pm on 25 March 2019.  


  •  12th March 2019
    Dancing Flowers sculpture unveiled Open or Close

    Dancing Flowers Cllr Syrett Dennis Skinner DSC 6419 webA sculpture called the Dancing Flowers has been unveiled at Doe Lea in Derbyshire by local MP Dennis Skinner.

    The sculpture, is an arresting, anamorphic sculpture which, as you move past it, spells out the words Doe Lea and welcomes drivers to the area as they drive along the main A619 route.

    Designed by artist Anna Liu of artistic architects Tonkin Liu, the sculpture has flower stencils on the rear of it which have been designed by children from Bramley Vale Primary School.

    Doe Lea, once a thriving mining village was demolished in the early 80s with the closure of Glapwell and Bramley Vale pits and the collapse of the mining industry. Over the last few years the derelict site has been rebuilt with new, modern housing and the village has come alive again.
    At the official launch which celebrated re-birth of Doe Lea, Dennis Skinner said, “Once again Doe Lea is on the map”.

    The Dancing Flowers of Doe Lea Sculpture has been in development over several years and has involved a number of community organisations who have hosted various consultation events in and around the village.

    Planting of a wild flower meadow around the sculpture will also start in April/May 2019 using wild flower varieties native to the village and its surrounding areas. This will then be followed by the installation of a lighting scheme which will be designed to best illuminate the structure.

    Leader and local Parish Councillor, Ann Syrett said, “The sculpture is a gateway piece to the village of Doe Lea and is a fantastic example of how a local community can come together and shape the way their community is perceived by the wider world.

    “People from all generations have contributed, created and shared ideas to create a vibrant, exciting design that is a statement for the village, the parish of Ault Hucknall and Bolsover District as a whole.

    “Whilst at the launch word came through that the sculpture has been shortlisted for the prestigious RIBA Awards (Royal Institute of British Architects). Fingers and flowers crossed!”

    The sculpture was selected from three possible commissions presented to the community. The project also provided an artist in residence (John Slemensek from BokehGO productions) in the village during 2016/17 that worked extensively with the young people and community to run workshops, hold community barbecues, facilitate sports activities and ultimately make a short film about the village that was shown at the Doe Lea Centre’s first ever film festival in 2018.

    The project has been wholly paid for through private sector developer funding secured through, Section 106 contributions from residential development in the village over the years. In addition to the sculpture, this funding has also supported such things as the Multi Use Games Area behind the Doe Lea Centre, the creation of the Mountain Bike Area across to the Stockley Trail and improved access for all between Doe Lea and Bramley Vale away from the busy road.

  •  11th March 2019
    Pre Elections Briefing Open or Close


    We are holding a further briefing session for prospective election candidates and agents for the forthcoming local elections (District and Parish) in May 2019.

    The briefing session will take place at 6pm on Wednesday 20th March 2019 in the Council Chamber at the District Council’s offices at the Arc in Clowne and will last approximately one hour.

    The briefing will be hosted by the Returning Officer, Dan Swaine and will cover the nomination process, key dates of the election timetable, the election campaign, polling day and arrangements for the verification and count of the votes. The SPOC (the single point of contact at the Police) will also be in attendance.

    The briefing is open to all candidates and agents. It will be relevant to all those standing again who require a refresh on the process.

    All potential candidates and elections agents are welcome to attend but are asked to contact the Electoral Services Team to register their interest either by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on 01246 242422.

    Please can you circulate this amongst your colleagues or can you let us know who the candidates/agents may be and we can circulate the email to them.

    Sarah Sternberg

    Head of Corporate Governance and Monitoring Officer


  •  1st March 2019
    Whaley Thorns woman receives three-year order Open or Close


    A 29-year-old Whaley Thorns woman has been given a three year Criminal Behaviour Order for persistent anti-social behaviour.

    Tanya Downes, of Church Street, Whaley Thorns, has been at the centre of numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour in the area over recent years. Tanya Downes

    Downes appeared at North East Derbyshire and Dales Magistrates’ Court on Monday 11 February and was made the subject of a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order and if breached, Downes could be committed to prison for up to 5 years.

    Together with the Police, we have served a Community Protection Notice on Downes which required her to comply with certain prohibitions which included not to enter certain areas within Whaley Thorns.

    Downes breached the Notice, which resulted in us prosecuting her. Downes pleaded guilty to the offence and the court told her, “You have pleaded guilty to offences we can only deal with by way of a fine up to level 4 and we will fine you level 3 taking into account your relevant weekly income we will fine you £120, it would have been £180 if you had not pleaded guilty. The local authority have properly brought these proceedings therefore you will be ordered to pay £520 being their investigation and legal costs, a VSC of £30 being a total of £675 which will be consolidated”.

    The Council also made an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order with the support from the Police and other partner agencies and an interim Order was made by the Court stating “Having heard representations and having been referred to the bundle the reality is that you have been in a prohibited area. You have been causing a nuisance and engaged in anti-social behaviour, using language which is offensive and has been audible to others in front of children. The Local Authority has tried to use a Community Protection Notice by moving you along. It is just and proportionate that an interim CBO is made to help prevent you engaging in further behaviour.”

    She was warned about the consequences of failing to comply.

    Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Councillor Hilary Gilmour said, “We know there have been a lot of problems in the village and this Order will hopefully put a stop to them now. We have been working very closely with our partners to resolve the issues and problems that have been taking place and we are delighted this work has finally paid off.”

    The full application was adjourned to the 11 February 2019.

    The Court was satisfied that the Criminal Behaviour order was necessary having found that Downes had caused anti social behaviour. The order, which will last until February 10, 2022, will restrict her movements in three areas.

    Downes must not:

    1. Act in a manner that causes or is likely to cause alarm harassment or distress to others within the area edged red on the map marked C.
    2. Be in a public place with 2 or more persons in a manner causing or likely to cause any person to fear for their safety or which causes or is likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress within the area edged red on the map marked C.
    3. Encourage others, including juveniles to engage in conduct that is likely to cause or will cause alarm, harassment or distress to others engaged in a lawful activity within the area edged red on the map marked C.
    4. Enter Area 1 as defined on the attached map marked A and B and highlighted in red save for when clause 5 applies.
    5. Enter Areas 1, 2 or 3 as defined on the attached map marked A and highlighted in red, orange and purple unless the following applies:

    Downes had already been provided with support and advice – as well as informal steps taken to stop her behaviour from impacting on the local community but complaints, mostly anonymous due to fear of reprisals continued. The Council working with the police, took the most robust action based on the evidence provided by the community and other partner agencies.

    PC Amanda Burden, said: “Anti-social behaviour is something that the police and our partners take seriously.

    “In most instances conversations with those causing problems are generally enough to stop issues escalating. If this does not work then further legal action will be taken against those involved.

    “Tanya Downes has caused numerous, serious issues over an extended period of time. Officers, council officials, partner agencies and members of the public have provided numerous examples of behaviour that is just not acceptable.”

    If you witness Tanya Downes breaching the order in any of the ways detailed above – please call Derbyshire police on the 101 non-emergency number with the time and a description of the behaviour.


  •  25th January 2019
    Change in law on household waste duty of care Open or Close

    In 2019 new fines were introduced for breaches of the household waste duty of care – as a way to stop waste getting into the hands of unauthorised carriers, who may then resort to fly-tipping. This means if you pass waste to an unauthorised carrier then you may receive a £200 fixed penalty.

    The council advises that you make all reasonable checks to ensure that anyone collecting your waste has a waste carrier licence, and obtain a waste transfer note. You should gather as much details as possible including vehicle registrations so that if the waste is found fly tipped the offender can be traced.

    Householders can easily avoid falling victim to fly tippers by taking waste to their nearest Household Recycling Centre or pay a small fee for the Council’s Bulk Collection Service to take their waste away.

  •  16th January 2019
    Cold Calling Open or Close

    Please be aware we have received reports of a company carrying out cold calling at Council homes in the North East Derbyshire and Bolsover areas and asking to inspect inside the property to check for damp and repair issues. The company claims to be working on behalf of either North East Derbyshire District Council, Bolsover District Council or Rykneld Homes.   Neither of the Councils, nor Rykneld Homes, have arranged for a company to carry out such checks. All Council and Rykneld Homes staff carry identification badges and would have made an appointment before any such visit. For your own personal safety, it is important that you ask any caller to show you their proof of identity (all Council and Rykneld staff and contractors carry an ID card).

    All of our staff are more than happy to show you their identification card before entering your home.

  •  11th January 2019
    Local Landlords alerted to HMO property licensing changes Open or Close

    We are alerting local landlords who manage houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) to important forthcoming HMO property licensing changes.

    From 1st October 2018 all Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) with 5 or more occupiers living as 2 or more households, must have a HMO Licence from their local authority. Where a HMO is occupied by less than 5 people, it will not require a licence.

    The Government have introduced this change to widen out the scope from the previous HMO licensing regime, which only applied to HMO properties of three storeys or above. 

    When assessing a licence application, the Council will consider the suitability and condition of the building for the number of proposed occupiers, as well as the suitability of the proposed licence holder.  Applicants will need to demonstrate that fire safety arrangements are in place and adequate, and that the building has sufficient space and amenities.  A list of required documents (such as current gas safety certificate and electrical installation condition report) will also need to be supplied for the application to be a valid one.

    Landlords of relevant HMO properties must ensure that they submit an application for an HMO licence to the Council.  Applications can be made by contacting the Joint Environmental Health Service for an application form. Guidance on making an application is also available on the Council’s website. There is an initial application fee of £496 with a further fee when the licence is granted of £111 making a total HMO licence fee of £607 (we are under a legal obligation to split the fee). The HMO licence will last for up to 5 years.

    There are significant financial penalties for landlords should applications not be made and if they continue to operate the HMO after 1st October 2018. If landlords do not have a licence, or breach HMO licence conditions, they are committing a criminal offence.

    Landlords of properties who are already licensed under the previous HMO licensing scheme do not need to re-apply until their current HMO licence is close to expiry.

    For further information please contact Joint Environmental Health Service on 01246 217877.

  •  6th December 2018
    Whaley Thorns Jaguars Roar their way to success! Open or Close


    An exciting finish to the biggest schools bowls competition in the country finished with Whaley Thorns Jaguars being crowned Bolsover District Primary Schools Indoor Bowls Champions for the first time.

    We staged the event in association with Bolsover District Bowls Development Group and over 100 pupils took part in the competition which saw 35 excellent games played before Whaley Thorns Jaguars beat Anthony Bek Saxons 13-7 in a keenly contested final.

    The competition saw 20 teams from 11 schools participating. Each school received coaching and taster sessions in the weeks leading up to the competition from Council coaches and volunteer coaches from the Bowls Development Group to help them prepare for the competition.

    Cabinet Member for Partnerships and Transformation, Councillor Mary Dooley said, “The children were fantastic and played some wonderful bowls. I must congratulate the winners, Whaley Thorns Community School, on what was a very exciting final, I’d also thank all those who partcipated and helped make the event such an enjoyable afternoon and a resounding success.”

    Peter Turton, Chair of the Bowls Development Group said “Thank you to all the schools for taking part, the standard was competitive and hopefully some of those children will continue to play in the future, my congratulations to Whaley Thorns Jaguars on a well deserved victory.”

    The schools that took part were: Anthony Bek Primary, Brockley Primary, Bolsover C of E Juniors, Glebe Juniors (South Normanton) Hodthorpe Primary, New Bolsover Primary, Palterton Primary, Shirebrook Model Village, Staveley Juniors, Whaley Thorns Community Primary and Whitwell Primary.

    See photos from the event on our Flickr page.

    If anyone of any age is interested in the work of the Bowls Development Group or in playing bowls recreationaly or comeptitively, then please telephone us on 01246 242362


  •  22nd November 2018
    New book celebrates beauty of Bolsover District Open or Close


    See Bolsover District as you have never seen it before in a book containing stunning aerial images shot from a drone.

    The ‘Bolsover District from Above’ book is a 36-page collection of crystal-clear aerial images. It covers all 16 parishes in the District with a brief description of the area and its history and takes you on a journey showing off some of the District’s historical attractions, amazing architecture, town and village views as well as some beautiful countryside.

    We commissioned the book as part of their drive to attract more tourists to the area and Cabinet Member for Media and Marketing, Councillor Steve Fritchley believes that readers can gain a new appreciation for Bolsover District’s beauty through this book.

    He added, “We know we have some of the best historical attractions in the country and some amazing architecture – but we want to show this to the world and this book will do this.

    “You get a whole different perspective of a place when you look down on it from the sky. By using aerial photography, we have been able to capture the District as perfect miniature models which clearly defines the relationship between the natural and man-made landscapes.

    “Depending upon how well this book is received we may look to produce a series of these showing more of our unique and diverse district.”

    Bolsover District from Above makes for the perfect Christmas gift and they’re available to purchase at our Contact Centres in Bolsover, Clowne, Shirebrook and South Normanton for just £5.99 with £1 of every sale going to the Council Chairman’s charity.

    For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Communications, Marketing and Design Manager on 01246 242323.


  •  21st November 2018
    New YouTube channel looking for presenters Open or Close


    We are on the lookout for budding presenters who have a passion for introducing and hosting to help present our forthcoming Bolsover DC TV channel.

    The channel will be hosted on YouTube and will include a 15-20 minute film every month highlighting what we have been up to and also looking forward to what is coming up over the next month.

    By presenting the channel this would act as the persons’ showreel and would showcase their talents and personality which could lead to further work in the TV industry.

    Cabinet Member for Media and Marketing, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “We want budding presenters or anyone with a talent for hosting to come forward and join us in this exciting new venture.

    “We know we have some really talented people out there who just need that break and we are offering them a chance to showcase their talent as well improve their skills by working with our experienced team. Unfortunately we cannot offer any payment, but what it will do is help to showcase their talent and creativeness and put them in the shop window for further work.”

    The channel, which is likely to be launched in February 2019, will also be updated regularly with videos of what we are doing, what projects we are involved in, tourism and business promotions, interviews with councillors and members of local communities and any events that are coming up.

    If you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Communications, Marketing and Design Manager on 01246 242323.


  •  14th November 2018
    We are prepared to save a life! Are you? Open or Close


    Together with Community Save a Life Scheme (CSALS) and Virtual College, we launched “Prepared to Save a Life”, a national campaign in Parliament on October 30th 2018.

    With our support, the Derbyshire charity, Community Save a Life Scheme (CSALS) teamed up with Virtual College to create a free online course open to everyone in the UK!

    The Prepared to Save a Life Campaign was launched in Parliament to draw the attention and support of Members of Parliament, Peers and Government Health Ministers.

    Dr Cheryle Berry MBE, trustee of CSALS, commented: “Today in the UK, every 7 minutes someone will have a heart attack and 180 people will die. 1 in 5 adults will witness someone collapse who needs immediate first aid, the majority of people do not act. We think, with more support, we can make a difference.”

    Cheryle added, “Bolsover District Council have given tremendous support to CSALS since 2012, when This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pledged her support for our work and together with her colleague This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. they joined our small Strategy Group.”

    In order to raise awareness of the need to learn emergency first aid, the Council and CSALS broke the Guinness World Record for the largest first aid lesson in 2016, when 1,795 local residents and schoolchildren undertook a first aid lesson on Chesterfield Football Club’s pitch at the Proact Stadium!

    However, in order to achieve the ambition of having a life saver on every street corner, the programme needed to be accelerated, and that’s where Virtual College came in.
    Rod Knox, Virtual College’s Founder and Chief Executive said, “We wanted to get on board and help CSALS, so we pledged to donate time, expertise and technical infrastructure to help increase the number of people taking part in the campaign - Prepared to Save a Life.”

    The course consists of a number of online modules including CPR, choking, and bleeding, and takes only around an hour to complete. On successful completion of the course each learner receives a printable certificate. The Prepared to Save a Life model aims to engage both individuals as well as businesses, with organisations able to join a Roll of Honour when 80% of their people have completed the course.

    How to get involved
    The team have set an ambitious, but achievable national target of training 250,000 people in basic lifesaving skills, within a year of launching the new online solution.

    Council Chairman, Councillor Tom Munro commented, “We will continue our support for CSALS, and hope that you will join in and help us reach the target! I urge you sign up to the FREE, bite-sized online course that provides basic skills for all which could be lifesaving.”

    To sign up to the free online course visit www.virtual-college.co.uk/prepared


  •  15th October 2018
    Community and school sports stars honoured at awards ceremony Open or Close


    A whole host of community and school stars picked up their honours and medals from Bolsover District Council and the Bolsover District School Sport Partnership after an amazing year of sport across the District.

    The top sportspeople from across Bolsover District gathered at the glitzy Bolsover District Annual Sports Awards ceremony which took place on Friday 12 October 2018 at Sports Direct in Shirebrook.

    The Council and the Bolsover District School Sport Partnership joined forces to celebrate the achievements of top sportspeople, teams, club officials and volunteers from across the District and local schools over the past 12-months. Sports Awards winners 2018

    Amongst the winners was U14 Sportsman of the Year, Finlay Preece from Bolsover who has achieved some excellent performances this academic year, both on the cycling track and on the athletics track.

    Community Team of the Year went to Whitwell Cricket Club 1st Eleven who won the league title and on six occasions they bowled the opposition out for fewer than 100 and four of the clubs bowlers finished in the top 15 in the league.

    South Normanton colts FC Committee won the Community Award of the Year. The committee ensure they continue to meet the standards of a FA Charter Standard Development Club and have built relationships in the community and surrounding areas to integrate into the local community.

    Bolsover District Council Chairman, Councillor Tom Munro presented the winners with their awards and said, “It was another fantastic night that enabled us to honour the many people and clubs who make such an outstanding contribution to sport. Without them, we would not have the wide range of sporting talent we have across the district today. My congratulations go to not only the winners, but everyone who was nominated and takes part in sport.

    “I am amazed at the sporting talent and dedication we have in our District. We have international stars playing and representing their country to volunteers who literally dedicate their life to a sport and a club – it is very humbling.”

    Nyah Horsley, a former pupil from Palterton Primary School, won the Primary Sportswoman of the Year award after she was crowned the District cross country champion for the 4th year in a row.

    As part of the evening John Barker, former Partnership Development Manager (PDM) for the Bolsover District School Sports Partnership was presented with the Service to Sport Physical Activity award. John retired at the end of the academic year and was PDM for the last 13 years, taking the partnership from strength to strength with his main driving force being his passion and utter belief that Sport and Physical Activity can and does make a real difference to young people.

    The 2018 winners were:

    • Community Volunteer of the Year - Lynda Hall
    • School Staff Volunteer of the Year - Allyson Elliott
    • Disabled School Sports Leader of the Year - Daniel Taylor
    • Secondary School Sports Leader of the Year - Dalton Cooper
    • Young Sports Leader/Sports Coach of the Year - Declan Fox
    • Primary School Sports Organising Crew - Palterton Primary School
    • Community Award of the Year - South Normanton Colts FC Committee
    • Active Schools of the Year 
      • Morton Primary School
      • Duckmanton Primary School
      • Town End Junior School
      • Palterton Primary School
    • Infant Active Shool of the Year
      • Tibshelf Infant and Nursery School
    • Sporting Achievement through Adversity - Ruby Gunn
    • Primary School Team of the Year - Brockley Primary School – Basketball Team
    • Secondary School Team of the Year - Shirebrook Academy – Boccia Team
    • Community Team of the Year - Whitwell Cricket Club 1st Eleven
    • Community Junior Team of the Year - South Normanton Colts FC U14s Girls
    • Community Club of the Year - South Normanton Colts FC
    • Outstanding Achievement of the Year - U11 Girls District Football Team
    • Primary Sportsman of the Year - George Cooper
    • Primary Sportswoman of the Year - Nyah Horsley
    • U14 Sportsman of the Year - Finlay Preece
    • U14 Sportswoman of the Year - Hannah Moody
    • U14 Disabled Sportsperson of the Year - Lucy Taylor
    • Young Sportsman of the Year - Thomas Parsons
    • Young Sportswoman of the Year - Rebecca Johns

    Together with Bolsover District School Sports Partnership, we would also like to thank the following organisations/businesses who kindly sponsored awards.

    • Sports Direct
    • H.W Martin Limited
    • Express Coaching Services
    • Purpose Media


  •  9th October 2018
    Response to poor air quality reports Open or Close


    Over the weekend there has been extensive publicity nationally and locally regarding poor air quality in Bolsover District. Reports in the media have given the impression that an air quality problem has been identified throughout the Bolsover District Council area, which is not the case.

    The problem relates to a stretch of around 200m of footpath adjacent to the A38 between Junction 28 of the M1 and Carter Lane East in South Normanton. There are no dwellings affected by this.

    The Government had previously identified the A38 from the M1 junction to the Bolsover District Council boundary as being potentially above the limit for nitrogen dioxide as set out in the EU Ambient Air Quality Directive but that it was expected to fall below the limit by 2021. In March 2018 we were issued with a Ministerial Direction after the Government was challenged in the High Court by the environmental group, Client Earth.

    We were required to look at all possible measures that could bring about compliance with the EU limit sooner than 2021. The work done by us concluded that there were no measures that could reasonably be implemented that would bring about compliance any sooner. However, the work done on behalf of the Council found that there were no areas where the public would be exposed to a nitrogen dioxide concentration above the EU limit except for the 200m length of footpath referred to above, but that compliance for this footpath was unlikely to be achieved until 2023 and not 2021 as previously suggested by the Government’s screening model.

    It is as a result of this piece of work that the Government are now requiring us to undertake a further study to determine whether there are any steps that could be taken to achieve compliance sooner, given that there is an additional two years to implement any such measures. We have already started this work which will be undertaken in accordance with the Government guidance.

    It is worth noting that whilst we have a statutory duty to assess and take steps to bring about an improvement in air quality where necessary, this only relates to sensitive properties such as houses or schools. We are not required to assess air quality in open spaces such as footpaths beside busy roads where there are no houses, for example. The work the Government are requiring us to undertake is additional to our normal local air quality management duties.

    We operate an extensive network of nitrogen dioxide monitors at 30 strategic locations throughout the District and without exception the annual mean nitrogen dioxide concentration has been below the UK air quality standard at all locations every year since 2013.


  •  14th September 2018
    Community spirit at Bolsover Model Village open day Open or Close


    New Bolsover Model Village enjoyed a fun filled day of community activities on Saturday 8th September.

    The day of three parts was a celebration of heritage, culture and wonderful community spirit.

    The day began with a grand opening of the new community house by Chairman, Councillor Tom Munro who said, “It is hoped that this house will become a self-funded sustainable community hub that will bring the community together over many years to come.

    “We will work together with the Friends of the New Bolsover and the residents over the coming months to ensure the success of this community house at 126 New Bolsover.”

    The Model Village also played host to a Heritage Open Day, which is a national day where events take place to reflect the rich and diverse cultural heritage of England and its communities.

    On offer was a wide range of activities, films, demonstrations, and tours around the village which is currently receiving a £10million restoration and repair of architectural features at the 194 Grade II listed properties funded by us and Heritage Lottery Fund.

    Construction Company, Robert Woodhead Limited provided hard hat tours and entertainment for the children in their craft tent whilst Junction Arts showcased their community film documentary, exhibited local children’s work and launched ‘Whisper’s from the Model’, a project capturing the creativity of local children.

    The Friends of New Bolsover provided the third element of the day with welcoming friendly faces, entertainment, food and refreshments which made this a community event to remember! The Heritage Craft Group provided an impressive display of their crafts and had a hands on activity producing a mosaic for the new community house.

    Leader, Councillor Ann Syrett said, “The event was enjoyed by all who attended and we would like to thank all of the funding organisations, without whom this event wouldn’t have taken place and a big thank you to the Friends of New Bolsover for playing such wonderful hosts.

    “We hope that you enjoy the new community house and that it brings together Bolsover District residents near and far. After all, this restoration project is not just about bricks and mortar but something much more solid - that is long lasting friendships!”

    For further information please contact Kim Wyatt, Project Manager, New Bolsover, Bolsover District Council on 01246 242288.


  •  31st August 2018
    Local plan for Bolsover District submitted for examination Open or Close

    Our Local Plan has today (Friday 31 August 2018) been submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination.

    This is in accordance with the Planning Committees resolution of 18 April, 2018 and Chair of Planning Committee Tom Munro said, “As Chair of the Planning Committee, I feel privileged to oversee the submission of the Local Plan for Bolsover District to the Secretary of State for examination. I would like to thank not only the Planning Policy team for all their hard work, but also to thank all of the Members of the Planning Committee and the Local Plan Steering group, past and present, who made such important contributions in taking the hard decisions that were needed to bring the Plan to this position.

    “The matter is now in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate and I look forward to our Examination and the formal adoption of the Local Plan in the future.”

    Whilst the matter is now in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate, we will be continuing to review all of the representations and where possible consider if minor alterations to the plan and further discussions can help to resolve any outstanding issues.

    Formal notification will also be given to everyone on the Local Plan database who has requested to be told of the submission of the Plan. More details along with the full evidence base are available on our  Local Plan pages.

    Over the next three weeks the Planning Inspectorate will seek to appoint an Inspector who will be responsible for considering the Plan and setting the timescale and nature of the hearings to be held into the Plan.

    Further updates will appear on our website as matters progress.

  •  30th August 2018
    Council gives locals platform to show off their talent Open or Close

    We are giving local performers a platform to show-off their skills in the first Bolsover District Talent Showcase.

    If you’re a budding singer, dancer, choir, poet, magician, comedian or have a totally unique act, then this is your chance to show off your talent.

    Held on Friday 19 October 2018 in the Sports Direct Auditorium in Shirebrook, the event is open to anyone and starts at 7.30pm.

    Entrants chosen to perform will be given a time slot to show off their talent to the audience.

    Council Chairman, Councillor Tom Munro said, “We know we have got talent out there and hopefully this show will give people the platform to show off what they can do. And you never know, we could help launch successful careers for many aspiring singers, writers or dancers.”

    Throughout the evening, fundraising will also be undertaken for the Council Chairman’s chosen charity i-venture, which offers opportunities for learning and personal growth to young people from across Bolsover District.

    Places are limited for performing at this event so booking is essential. This can be done by telephoning Daniel Oakley on 01246 242360 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Tickets to sit in the audience are priced at £3 for adults with under 16s free and can be purchased on the evening.

  •  15th August 2018
    STEP Programme launched for 2018/19 Open or Close

    Interested in becoming a sports coach? Keen to develop sporting opportunities in your community? Already volunteer at a local sports club and want to develop your knowledge further? Then take a look at our latest Sports Training and Education Programme.

    Our Sports Training and Education Programme for 2018/19, more commonly known as STEP has been finalised and includes a wide variety of coaching courses essential for anyone involved in sport.

    The programme includes a number of workshops which are being hosted at our Offices in Clowne, PASS Centre in Pinxton and Tibshelf Sports Pavilion.

    The first course is Emergency Aid on Tuesday 9 October and is open for people to book onto now. Also included on the programme is Safeguarding and Protecting Young Children, Coaching the Next Generation How to coach Fundamentals. All courses are delivered by qualified tutors and are all three-hours in duration.

    Cabinet Member for Leisure, Councillor Mary Dooley said, “The courses are a must for anyone involved in sport and provide opportunities for individuals to develop their knowledge, keep up to date with any changes and share good practice.

    “The more people who are qualified across the area, the better, as it will help us sustain and create additional sporting opportunities within the District. So, we want to encourage and support as many individuals as possible to become volunteers, sports leaders and coaches.”

    Workshop attendees will receive a certificate of attendance as well as a resource pack or handouts, containing further information and useful contacts.

    Details of all courses, venues and application forms can be found in the STEP booklet or for further information please telephone 01246 242365.

  •  19th July 2018
    Temperatures set to increase again Open or Close


    Temperatures across the East Midlands are expected to increase once again over the coming days – with the emphasis continuing to be on fine, dry and increasingly very warm or hot conditions.

    *Update Tuesday 24 July

    Temperatures across the East Midlands are expected to increase over the coming days – with the emphasis continuing to be on fine, dry and increasingly hot conditions.

    The Met Office and PHE weather warning has stated: "There is a 90 percent probability of heatwave conditions between 0900 on Monday and 0900 on Friday in parts of England.

    "Stay out of the sun. Keep your home as cool as possible – shading windows and shutting them during the day may help.

    "Open them when it is cooler at night. Keep drinking fluids. If there's anybody you know, for example, an older person living on their own, who might be at special risk, make sure they know what to do."

    The level three amber warning is issued when temperatures are predicted to hit 30 degrees during the day, and 15 degrees at night, for at least two consecutive days.

    Weather-related advice can be found on the Met Office website."

    Advice is to keep out of the sun between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm and stay indoors where possible. If you are outside please be vigilant, wear a hat and sunscreen and re apply every 30 minutes and have plenty of fluids.

    From today (Thursday 19 July 2018), through the coming weekend and into early next week, daytime highs could reach the high 20s – and perhaps even exceed 30 Celsius.

    However, our build of daytime heat looks set to coincide with higher humidity levels on Friday, bringing a thunderstorm risk south eastern parts of the region – and for a few locations here, some impacts could be possible.

    In the heaviest showers and thunderstorms, some places could see 30mm of rain fall in an hour from slow-moving storms, which would likely bring flooding impacts, particularly if this amount of rain fell on an urban area.

    As a result, a Met Office Yellow Warning for Thunderstorms has been issued that includes Rutland, much of Northamptonshire and parts of both Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.

    This Warning is valid from 1400 until 2359 on Friday, bringing a Very Low Likelihood of Medium Impacts. These impacts mean we expect:

    • A small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater.
    • Where flooding or lightning strikes occur, there is a chance of delays and some cancellations to train and bus services, particularly during the evening rush hour.
    • Spray and sudden flooding that could lead to difficult driving conditions with the possibility of road closures.
    • A slight chance that power cuts could occur and other services to some homes and businesses could be lost.

    Of course, for many – the rainfall will be welcomed – although perhaps not in the large amounts that could fall in a short space time.

    In addition to the Thunderstorm Warning on Friday, the Heat-health Watch has been updated this morning – and is now at Level Two across the East Midlands from 0000 on Friday until 0000 on Sunday. There is a 60% chance of hot and humid conditions, with temperatures likely to reach thresholds through this period, although somewhat less hot in coastal districts of Lincolnshire.

    Weather-related advice can be found on the Met Office website.


  •  26th June 2018
    Clowne North planning application approved Open or Close

    Our Planning Committee today resolved to approve the 'Clowne North' application subject to conditions and various contributions to local infrastructure and we will now refer the application to the Secretary of State to determine whether the application will be ‘called in’ for further consideration.

    The application was: Outline Planning Application with All Matters Reserved for mixed use development including up to 24ha of employment land (B1, B2, B8), up to 1800 residential dwellings, green infrastructure, educational and recreational uses, a retirement village, neighbourhood centre, hotel, restaurant, health and care, and leisure uses, demolition of existing Station Road Industrial Estate where applicable, demolition of dwelling/outbuilding as applicable, and construction of new link road with in-principal points of access.

  •  15th June 2018
    Go wild and free at the Adventure Fest! Open or Close


    Go wild and grab a taste of the great outdoors as our Adventure Fest is back.

    Held on Sunday 22 July 2018 at Pleasley Vale Outdoor Activity Centre, the Adventure Fest is free and open to anyone aged 7 years and above. It will include activities such as mountain biking, climbing, laser quest, KMXing, kayaking, canoeing, orienteering and a whole host of countryside activities.

    Our Extreme Wheels Roadshow will also be there hosting activities such as BMX biking, skateboarding, BMX sidehacks and slacklining.

    Also making an appearance will be an Extreme Wheels demo rider, who will wow the crowds with some awesome tricks and stunts.

    Cabinet Member for Leisure, Councillor Mary Dooley said, “This is a fantastic day out, it’s great fun and all the family can do this together while keeping fit and active and, best of all, it’s free!

    “We want to bring the great outdoors and all it has to offer right to your doorstep. So, no matter if you want to abseil off a rock or prefer a gentle paddle on the lake, we have it all.”

    Participants will also have the chance to take part in heritage and countryside activities as well as arts and crafts.

    Activities will run throughout the day starting at 10am and ending at 4pm. Participation is on a first come first served basis and some activities are time slotted, so please turn up early to ensure you can grab a spot on your favourite activity!

    A signed parent consent form for anyone under the age of eighteen is required to participate in the activities, which can be obtained, along with an information pack here.

    Councillor Dooley added, “The event is great fun and gives you the chance to try activities that you may never have tried before. So why not round up your friends and family, get yourself down to Pleasley Vale and have a go at what’s on offer.”

    For more information and to download an information pack click here.


  •  15th June 2018
    New town centre guides launched Open or Close

    Four new free guides showcasing the town centres of Bolsover, Clowne, Shirebrook and South Normanton have been launched aimed at encouraging more people to visit.

    We have produced the guides as part of its tourism drive to attract more people to the area and explore the many historical attractions, shopping experiences and countryside that’s available in the District.

    The guides highlights some attractions for visitors, be it Bolsover Castle, Creswell Crags and Hardwick Hall, to Willow Tree Family Farm, Peter Fidler Reserve, Harlesthorpe Dam and or the Archaeological Way.

    Cabinet Member for Media and Marketing, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “Our towns and surrounding villages are great places to live and visit. We have so much history, culture and beautiful scenery that even those of us who have lived here for many years can always find something new and exciting to do.

    “This is the first of many ideas we have to try and improve our town and village centres. As a council we need to make the most of what we have got. We need to promote the area more and showcase what we have to offer which will then hopefully attract more people to visit us and spend money in our town centre shops and businesses.”

    These useful guides will provide visitors and residents alike with great ideas on where to visit and what to do in our district and will be available from local attractions, cafes, libraries, council offices and shops. To download a copy click here.

  •  4th June 2018
    Facebook page Open or Close

    Our website is our main means of communication, so we have decided to remove our corporate Facebook account to drive more people to visit our website to get their information.

    It’s not a case of removing a way people can get information about us, we are just changing the way people access it. We don’t advertise on Facebook and the information we post is all on our website so we are simply reducing duplication and allocating our resources more strategically so we can concentrate on making the website a better and easier experience for the end user and explore other ways of communicating with our communities.

    We want to make the website a hub where people can go and get all the information about us as well as their community and we will be refreshing and revamping our site over the coming months.

    If you have contacted us via Facebook, you can still do this through the Do It Online section of our website.

  •  31st May 2018
    Stray dog found in Bolsover Open or Close


    Our Environmental Enforcement Team have collected a stray dog in Bolsover today (31 May). The dog is currently in our kennels where it will be looked after.

    But can you help us track down the owner and get it back home to the comfort and safety of its owner? If you know who the owner is please contact us on 01246 242424 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

    Stray dog found in Bolsover


  •  30th May 2018
    Stray dog found in Whitwell Open or Close

    Our Environmental Enforcement Team have seized a stray dog in Whitwell today (30 May). It did not have a collar or tag but has been chipped, although we believe it is not up to date. We have taken him to the kennels where it will be looked after.

    But can you help us track down the owner and get him back home? If you know who the owner is please contact us on 01246 242424 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

  •  30th May 2018
    Redevelopment of Bolsover site a step closer Open or Close

    We have resolved to approve plans for the redevelopment of the Sherwood Lodge site in Bolsover, subject to conditions.

    The three-hectare site has been vacant for over four years and the proposed redevelopment will see physical regeneration of this key landmark site in Bolsover’s town centre with the introduction of a new foodstore, retail terrace and additional car parking.

    The proposals are expected to create around 200 jobs as well as reducing the need to travel elsewhere to shop by bringing more shopping choice for the residents and visitors to the town.

    The Council’s Deputy Leader, Councillor Duncan Mcgregor said, “A balanced decision had to be taken with regard to the wider public benefits. The deteriorating condition of the site has resulted in a negative impact of the town and redevelopment will bring about significant benefits for our residents and the town.

    “There are conditions which need to be met by the developers and we are working with them to find the best solution for all parties.”

    You can view the planning committee report containing all the deatils via our E-Agenda system.

  •  23rd May 2018
    New Cabinet to lead Bolsover Council Open or Close

    Our ruling administration has named its new Cabinet for the forthcoming year – with two new figures joining the senior political leadership of the authority.

    As we look to promote the District as a business and tourist destination, more emphasis is being placed on growth, marketing and attracting visitors.

    The Leader, Councillor Ann Syrett has overall responsibility for policy and strategic planning. Councillors Duncan McGregor and Hilary Gilmour are the new members on the Cabinet, with the former also becoming the Deputy Leader.

    The Cabinet (Executive) – the ruling group responsible for guiding the Council in agreeing policy and making sure it achieves its aims and objectives – has eight councillors on it.

    The cabinet members and their responsibilities are as follows:

    • Councillor Ann Syrett – Council Leader, Policy and Strategic Planning
    • Councillor Duncan McGregor – Council Deputy Leader and Corporate Governance
    • Councillor Steve Fritchley – Town Centre Renewal, Media and Marketing
    • Councillor Brian Watson – Finance and Resources and Sustainable Energy
    • Councillor Hilary Gilmour – Housing and Community Safety
    • Councillor Brian Murray-Carr – Street Scene
    • Councillor John Ritchie – Property and Commercial Services
    • Councillor Mary Dooley – Partnerships and Transformation

    The Leader, Councillor Ann Syrett said, “The Cabinet has done a great job over the past year in directing the authority and also investing in the District.

    “We need to continue to invest for the future, attracting businesses and providing efficient services for our residents. One of the priorities this year is to improve our publicity to attract more tourists into the area; we will also continue to work to protect our environment and move towards being a low carbon authority.

    “If we are to succeed then we need to make bold decisions – which as a group we have never been afraid to do. It won’t be easy as we have still got to make savings, but I feel we have the right blend of knowledge, skill and experience in our Cabinet to achieve our aims.”

    The remaining 29 councillors will serve on the Scrutiny Committees and act as a 'watchdog' with powers to call in and challenge Cabinet decisions and service plans and have a major responsibility to hold Cabinet to account for its actions.


  •  16th May 2018
    Polish Heritage Day Success Open or Close

    A Polish Heritage Day which took place at Shirebrook Village Hall on Bank Holiday Sunday has been hailed a success.

    The aim of the event was to increase the understanding of the rich, diverse community which Shirebrook is known for.

    The event, which was funded by a partnership project, entitled ‘Building Resilience’, saw a heavy footfall throughout the day, with the Village Hall and carpark heaving with the local community who came out with their friends and families to enjoy the variety of stalls, traditional polish folk crafts, exhibitions, a live polish rock band “Sors” and even a free BBQ, which on one of the hottest days of the year was more than welcomed by the visitors.

    The Building Resilience project is being managed by Shirebrook Forward NG20 which was formed by Bolsover Partnership and is a multi-agency group whose aim is to focus on working positively with the local community to bring about benefits and improvements.

    We received £1.26 million government investment in Shirebrook last year which formed part of the allocation to Local Authorities from the Controlling Migration Fund (CMF).

    The event was supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Manchester and the Polish Community Association in Shirebrook who worked in partnership with Shirebrook Forward NG20 and were heavily involved in the organisation of the successful event.

  •  24th April 2018
    National Finals beckon for Bolsover U11 Girls! Open or Close


    A representative team of girls from Bolsover District emerged victorious in an ESFA Regional tournament on Saturday last, at St Graves Park, Sheffield.

    The Under 11 girls, spearheaded by Captain Jess Rich, played two rounds of matches against Chesterfield, Gainsborough and District, and South Derbyshire. Without their usual goalkeeper, the girls managed to draw level at the top of the table with South Derbyshire, and did not concede any goals! A penalty shoot-out saw Bolsover win 2-1, and sparked off memorable celebrations. Ull girls football team celebrating their win

    Their victory has qualified them to go forward to the Premier League’s U11 National Finals on Saturday 9th June at Liverpool FC’s training academy.

    Team Manager Clare Hayes, who is the School Games Organiser for the Bolsover District School Sport Partnership, commented, ‘I am so proud of the girls. Their attitude to training left me feeling confident before the tournament but they really surpassed themselves and can look forward to a great day out in Liverpool in a few weeks time. I would like to thank Shane Turner for supporting me in getting the girls this far.’

    Bolsover District School Sport Partnership have received funding in the form of a bursary from the English Schools’ FA for the third consecutive season from the English Schools’ FA to run representative teams in both U11 girls and boys.

    The School Sport Partnership have received a bursary to support them with transport to Liverpool, and will be hiring a bus for all the players and supporters.


  •  29th March 2018
    Petcheck on tour Open or Close

    Dog owners across Bolsover District and North East Derbyshire District are being given the chance to get their dog microchipped and receive pet health advice for free as a mobile pet checking unit is touring the area in April.

    The two councils have joined forces with the PDSA Petcheck Roadshow again to offer dog wellbeing check-ups, nail clipping and ear cleaning and advice – all free of charge and undertaken by an experienced veterinary nurse.

    In addition to the veterinary nurse, the Councils Dog Warden will also be on hand to provide free microchipping to dogs - something which has been compulsory for all dogs since 2016.

    Our Dog Warden will also be offering responsible dog ownership advice, canine behavioural advice and giving out free poop scoop bags at each of the roadshows.

    The Roadshows will take place at:

    • The Hub, Shiners Way, South Normanton DE55 2AA on 24 April 2018 - 9am to 4pm
    • Kenning Park, Holmgate Road, Clay Cross S45 9PH on 25 April 2018 - 9am to 4pm
    • Hornthorpe Road, Eckington S21 4DS on 26 April 2018 - 9am to 4pm
    • Shirebrook Market Place, Market Street, Shirebrook NG20 8AA on 27 April 2018 - 9am to 4pm

    We have been running the roadshows for a number of years now and an average of 200 dogs receive free microchips and 120 receive free pet health checks during the course of the four days.

    The Petcheck roadshow would also over to see any puppies for their first wellbeing check, but if they are younger than eight-weeks old, leave them at home with their mum and pop along for advice.

    For more information call  01246 242424 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  •  26th March 2018
    Council is meeting housing challenge head on Open or Close


    With the Government’s ambition to see a new generation of council housing built, we are ahead of the game and tackling this issue head on by investing millions of pounds into building new properties.

    In excess of £12 million is being spent on two projects aimed at reducing the housing problem and providing good quality, modern council houses and family homes for market sale.

    In 2015, we embarked upon our B@Home project with Robert Woodhead Ltd to build 100 council houses over four-years, a 2% increase on their overall housing stock. The programme has already seen 33 new homes built in Creswell, Shirebrook, Tibshelf and Blackwell with a further 37 under construction in Shirebrook.

    We are well on our way to achieving a target of 100 new homes by March 2019 and are now looking at potential sites to ensure future generations have the ability to live in good quality affordable homes within the District.

    Cabinet Member for Housing Councillor Mary Dooley said, “Instead of sitting back and not dealing with the problem, we did something about it. We have always been bold in putting our money where our mouth is and the delivery of 33 homes already shows that.

    “These homes are not the ‘shoeboxes’ delivered by some housebuilders in recent years. But are large, high quality, family homes which meet the lifetime homes standard meaning they’ll be suitable for all stages of a tenant’s life.”

    These new Council houses are all let on secure tenancies, at an affordable rent and for the first time include one bedroom houses, large four bedroom houses and fully adapted bungalows to directly meet the housing need in the District.

    We also agreed to build a further 28 new homes across eight sites, including for the first time, the delivery of high quality family homes for sale on the open market, through Dragonfly Development Ltd.

    We established Dragonfly Development Ltd in 2017 to enable it to become more financially self-sufficient by developing commercial opportunities which make it less reliant on government funding.

    The company’s first developments have received planning permission and use council land at South Normanton and Pinxton, with work due to start soon. The developments will see 10 properties at Meadow Lane, South Normanton and 10 properties at Park Lane, Pinxton which will be available to buy towards the end of 2018.

    Cabinet Member for Social Enterprise, Councillor John Ritchie said, “Council funding is drying up and the private sector are not delivering at present. They buy up areas and land bank it for the future, but this does not help our local communities. So, we have to think outside the box, be imaginative and more business-minded, that’s why we have set up this company.

    “Not only are we building good quality homes that we can then sell on the open market, but any profit that is made can then be re-invested to provide more high-quality developments and help secure the Council’s financial future.”


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