Dancing Flowers Cllr Syrett Dennis Skinner DSC 6419 webA sculpture called the Dancing Flowers has been unveiled at Doe Lea in Derbyshire by local MP Dennis Skinner.

The sculpture, is an arresting, anamorphic sculpture which, as you move past it, spells out the words Doe Lea and welcomes drivers to the area as they drive along the main A619 route.

Designed by artist Anna Liu of artistic architects Tonkin Liu, the sculpture has flower stencils on the rear of it which have been designed by children from Bramley Vale Primary School.

Doe Lea, once a thriving mining village was demolished in the early 80s with the closure of Glapwell and Bramley Vale pits and the collapse of the mining industry. Over the last few years the derelict site has been rebuilt with new, modern housing and the village has come alive again.
At the official launch which celebrated re-birth of Doe Lea, Dennis Skinner said, “Once again Doe Lea is on the map”.

The Dancing Flowers of Doe Lea Sculpture has been in development over several years and has involved a number of community organisations who have hosted various consultation events in and around the village.

Planting of a wild flower meadow around the sculpture will also start in April/May 2019 using wild flower varieties native to the village and its surrounding areas. This will then be followed by the installation of a lighting scheme which will be designed to best illuminate the structure.

Leader and local Parish Councillor, Ann Syrett said, “The sculpture is a gateway piece to the village of Doe Lea and is a fantastic example of how a local community can come together and shape the way their community is perceived by the wider world.

“People from all generations have contributed, created and shared ideas to create a vibrant, exciting design that is a statement for the village, the parish of Ault Hucknall and Bolsover District as a whole.

“Whilst at the launch word came through that the sculpture has been shortlisted for the prestigious RIBA Awards (Royal Institute of British Architects). Fingers and flowers crossed!”

The sculpture was selected from three possible commissions presented to the community. The project also provided an artist in residence (John Slemensek from BokehGO productions) in the village during 2016/17 that worked extensively with the young people and community to run workshops, hold community barbecues, facilitate sports activities and ultimately make a short film about the village that was shown at the Doe Lea Centre’s first ever film festival in 2018.

The project has been wholly paid for through private sector developer funding secured through, Section 106 contributions from residential development in the village over the years. In addition to the sculpture, this funding has also supported such things as the Multi Use Games Area behind the Doe Lea Centre, the creation of the Mountain Bike Area across to the Stockley Trail and improved access for all between Doe Lea and Bramley Vale away from the busy road.

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